Daily Bulletin for Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Daily Bulletin for Wednesday, November 20, 2019

ATTENTION ALL STUDENTS: This Friday is the long-awaited Step-it-Up Day of Awesomeness!  If you qualified to participate in this event, you will get a colored wristband in homeroom Friday morning. Put it on as soon as you receive it; it will be your ticket to the event, as well as determine which prizes you’ll get.  Also, bring your backpack with you up to the field; you won’t be going back to your class to retrieve it. Sixth graders: you will go to the upper field after homeroom until the end of 2nd; then youll continue on with your regular classes. Seventh & Eighth graders: you will go to the upper field during 3rd and 4th periods, but you must first report to your 3rd period class and check in for attendance.  Each group should wait for the announcement before heading up to the upper field. ALL PARTICIPANTS SHOULD BRING AN EXTRA PAIR OF SOCKS, AS YOU WILL NOT WEAR SHOES AT THE EVENT!!!   PLUS, STUDENTS: If you are planning on participating in the Step it Up Day of Awesomeness on Friday, you must turn in the signed purple waiver.  Please turn it in to the AP office by the end of the day on Thursday.

ALSO, STUDENTS:  This week we’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving Spirit Week. Today, we’ll have a Turkey Hunt. Turkeys will be hidden around campus. If you find one, bring it to the Eagle stage at nutrition for a prize. Please, only one to a student. Then tomorrow, it’s Turkey Bowling, and this will be a homeroom contest. And of course, Friday is the Day of Awesomeness! It’s going to be a great week!

PLUS, STUDENTS: While you’re in the cafeteria line, you may not put items in your backpack or pockets before paying for it.  Also not to bring open purchased items into the café.

FINALLY, STUDENTS: You may have noticed the green fencing around portions of the campus. We are trying to get the lawn to grow back in to keep our campus looking great! Please do not go in the fenced areas and please do not disturb the fences.


REMINDER, STUDENTS: Today is a Staff Collaboration Day; dismissal is at 12:30.