Daily Bulletin for Monday, October 28, 2019

Daily Bulletin for Monday, October 28, 2019

ATTENTION 8th GRADERS: This Wednesday, you will be taking the PSAT.  You should have received a packet of information last week telling you in what classroom you will be testing. On Wednesday morning when the first bell rings, you will report to your testing classroom, not your usual homeroom.  If you aren’t sure where you’re testing, please check in the AP office before Wednesday morning.

ATTENTION 6th & 7th GRADERS: Due to PSAT testing, some of your classes may be held in a different room on Wednesday. Your homeroom teacher will give you a piece of paper this morning so that you may write down any changes that your teacher may tell you about as you go through your day today.

ATTENTION ALL STUDENTS: All this week we are celebrating the drug-free life with Red Ribbon Week. Did you wear your brightest neon colors today? At lunch, come to the stage for a prize and a photo. Tomorrow, show you have the power to not do drugs by coming in your best superhero costume or representing your favorite hero. On Wednesday, give drugs the boot in your western gear – hats, flannels, boots, bandanas and jeans. There will be more fun and games at lunch all week. 

ALSO, STUDENTS: The All-Star soccer make up tryout day is tomorrow.  Make sure to bring cleats and shin guards.  Meet at the upper field at 12:00.

FINALLY, STUDENTS: We would like to remind you that you should not bring expensive items, including cell phones to school, but if you must, please do not leave your backpack unattended, ever! If you go up to the field at lunch, take your backpack with you.  If you don’t put your backpack in your PE locker during PE class, you should remove any valuables from your backpack and put them in your locker, then lock it!  A. C. Stelle is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

REMINDER, STUDENTS: This Wednesday is a Staff Collaboration Day; dismissal is at 12:30.