Daily Bulletin for Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Daily Bulletin for Wednesday, September 28, 2022

ATTENTION CATALINA CAMPERS: Please make a note that the first student meeting about your trip is today, after school in the MPR.  Please remind your parents that you will need to be picked up later today.


ATTENTION ALL STUDENTS: Share your creative talents with the whole school with our annual bookmark contest. Be sure to follow the rules on the entry forms in the Library Media Center. There will be two winners per grade. Each will receive a Barnes & Noble gift card. All entries are due by the end of the school day on October 7th. We're looking forward to seeing your original artwork!


ALSO, STUDENTS: This is a reminder that the library is open at lunch for students who want to read, study, or do homework quietly. If you are NOT doing those things, you will be asked to leave to make room for someone who wants to work. Remember, there is no eating and drinking allowed in the library. Please respect the rules, your fellow Eagles, and the staff.


ATTENTION ALL STUDENTS: This Friday is your chance to have your school picture taken if you havent already, or have a retake if you want a do-over.  For those who still havent taken their picture, you will receive a pass on Friday telling you what time to go for your photo.  For those of you who want the do-over, you need to wait until after school, AND please make sure to arrange to be picked up later.  The photographers will be here until 3:30, and all pictures are being taken in the MPR.


ATTENTION 8th GRADE YOSEMITE CAMPERS: This Friday is the due date for your payment for the trip. And dont forget, youve got a meeting tomorrow at lunch in the MPR.


FINALLY, ALL STUDENTS: This Thursday is our very first homeroom contest.  By participating in the contest, you will help your class earn a trip off campus for a, day sometime this spring. So Thursday, as we also welcome Kevin Cordasco's family to our school, please wear yellow to show your support of the Foundations efforts to help all the victims of childhood cancer and their families.