Daily Bulletin for Thursday, August 25, 2022

Daily Bulletin for Thursday, August 25, 2022


ATTENTION ALL STUDENTS - JUST A FEW REMINDERS: Summer break may be over but were still in for some warm weather, and we just want to remind you that the A. C. Stelle dress code will be enforced. Shorts and skirts must be longer than your thumb when your arms are at your side; no bra or lingerie straps or bare midriffs should be visible; flip-flops are not allowed, and no clothing with inappropriate graphics or language may be worn to school. Starting Monday, if you are dress coded, you will be given school loaner clothing to wear. Also, if you ride your bike or skateboard to school, you must wear a helmet!  And leave your board in the bike and skateboard cage under the stairs between the E & F buildings.


ALSO, STUDENTS: This year, you will be required to sit at the cafeteria tables to eat your lunch.  When you are done eating and have thrown out your trash, you may leave the lunch table area.  This is in an effort to keep all trash in one area.  Last year you were allowed to spread out due to COVID guidelines.  This year we will return to our pre-pandemic policy of eating lunch at the lunch tables.  Thank you for your help and cooperation.


DID YOU MISS REGISTRATION?  If you werent here for registration and did not get your picture taken, picture make-ups will be September 30th. Mark your organizer!


ATTENTION ALL STUDENTS: The Library Media Center is open for business. Starting today, you may read, study, or do homework in the library. Today is also the day when sixth graders will come check out laptops during their English classes.


FINALLY, STUDENTS: If you want your free lunch or breakfast, you must have your ID card out before entering the Café; if you don’t have your ID card yet, you just need to show your schedule that has your ID number on it.