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Good Morning! 
I am proud to announce that our competition team won the AACI National Competition!
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AACI stands for American Academic Competition Institute and it's the highest level of competition in the nation for Sports Medicine knowledge and practice! 
While we have been invited to compete in this national competition for the past 5 years, this is the first year we have ever placed! 
Not only did we win our division, we beat out all 23 other schools and were named the AACI National Overall Champions.
We also had 7 students named "All American" which means they scored in the top 25 of our division. We have only had two students in total be "All American" in the 5 years previously.  
Our very own student Matti Koenig even won 1st place which includes a scholarship to her chosen university which is University of Utah! Matti is majoring in Kinesiology with a pre AT/Med school path.   
I am so proud of these students and what they have accomplished! They had to be really self motivated and put in many extra hours of studying while on distance learning to achieve this amazing achievement! 
Here are two videos of the accouncements and our reactions:
Our Students' reactions to the news :)
Please help me congratulate the following students for their award-winning accomplishments!
Individual Awards:
Tied 19th: Tydeman Newman (senior) and May Wu (junior)
18: Tyler Rush (senior)
16th: Elise Hontas (senior)
8th: Sophia Levin (sophomore)
7th: Alex Ten Eyck (junior)
1st Place!!!!: Matti Koenig (senior)
Team Awards:
1st: Jaybird and Mais Division
AACI Overall Champions
Thank you to everyone who has helped our team and program over the years!! We are excited to see what we can continue doing in the future :) 

Kristen Dizon M.Ed.,  ATC
Athletic Trainer/Teacher 
Agoura High School 
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AACI National Sports Medicine Competition Awards 2020