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Weather Update

Dear LVUSD Families,

A series of winter storms is expected to continue impacting the local area through late Thursday.  Each of these storms has the possibility of bringing moderate to heavy rainfall that can come close to or exceed debris flow thresholds for recent burn areas. For additional forecast information please visit the National Weather Service online at

As you may be aware, a mandatory evacuation has been ordered for the Bell Canyon community and portions of Oak Park.  Some other areas outside of the District’s boundaries are under evacuation orders as well. All of our schools are safe, and not near any of the evacuation areas.  For more information regarding evacuation area locations, please visit the following links: and  

Rains are expected to start this afternoon and continue for several days, so please allow for extra time and caution when dropping off and picking up your children from school.  

We will continue to monitor the weather information, guidance provided by our local agencies, and provide any additional updates, if necessary.  We will also continue to keep families posted with any additional information via our LVUSD social media accounts.

Please stay safe and drive carefully,  


Dr. Dan Stepenosky
Las Virgenes Unified School District