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Congratulations to our Agoura HS Sports Medicine Competition Team!

Congratulations to the Agoura High School Sports Medicine Competition Team on their incredible performance in the regional competition! Over 350 students from 25 different schools participated in this competition. Our Agoura High Team won 2nd place in the Overall Large Team division!
Other awards are listed below:
Medical Abbreviations Speciality Exam - 3rd Place: Sophia Levin
Medical Terminology Specialty Exam - 1st Place: May Wu
Anatomage Anatomy Challenge Team - 1st Place: Grant Brust, Jacqueline Gewert, Zak Jefferis, Sara Miratobi, Brooke Jefferis
Novice Division - 3rd Place: Sara Miratobi, 6th Place: Aidan McArthur, 10th Place: Brooke Jefferis
Intermediate Division - 2nd Place: May Wu, 6th Place: Sophia Levin
Advanced Division - 2nd Place: Grant Brust, 4th Place: Jacqueline Gewert
Way to go!