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Recommendations for Families while Students are Home

Dear LVUSD Families,

I hope that this message finds you doing well as we prepare for significant changes in our daily lives.  Maintaining some sense of community is going to become critically important in the days and weeks ahead for all of our wellbeing.  The entire LVUSD team is hard at work creating plans and resources for your children and you. We’ll have much more information in the coming days.  Our team wanted to offer the following recommendations as we start the week:


  • Teachers will begin reaching out to their students on Wednesday, March 18th.  Our Principals, teachers, and staff are working hard remotely today and tomorrow gearing up with online trainings to prepare for distance learning.  We believe it’s important to establish a sense of routine and structure for our students.    
  • Maintain a Routine of Learning: For our children’s mental and social-emotional well-being, maintaining routines for learning is important. We encourage scheduling learning around school day patterns and including movement and physical activity when possible. Our team has assembled a list of free supplemental digital resources that you can offer your child outside of their class instruction via this link:
  • Counseling Support: Our Counseling Center staff are available for virtual appointments for you or your child if you might need some social-emotional support or strategies for navigating this social distancing period. You can set up an appointment at 
  • Technical Support: If you are in need of technical support, please email You may also text or call our support team at 818-538-6433. Please know that the technical team is fielding a lot of support needs, so we recommend sending messages via email or text and we will reply or call as necessary.

  • Practice Social Distancing: The Centers for Disease Control has issued guidance to remain away from public gatherings and maintain a distance of six feet from members of the community when in public spaces. While children appear to be at low-risk for the Coronavirus, emerging research suggests that they can be asymptomatic carriers who can pass the disease on to more vulnerable populations. Given this, please avoid playdates and maintain a healthy distance as much as possible. Please consider using virtual means for children to check-in with their friends. 

As this is a significant transition for all of us, we ask for your patience and understanding as we work through it. Our team will continue to send updates to the community and be available as a support to your family.  We are in constant contact with the County, State, other Superintendents, and the LA County Health Department to stay up on the latest developments. While I know there is currently anxiety and uncertainty throughout our state and country, I know that we will get through this together.  

Please reach out if you need anything, 


Dr. Dan Stepenosky

Superintendent of Schools 

Las Virgenes Unified School District