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New Campus Safety Procedures

Dear Willow Families,

Over the course of the last few months, the Las Virgenes Unified School District has worked with law enforcement, renowned safety experts, and site principals to develop protocols and procedures that are aligned for ensuring student safety. In an effort to keep all students safe and adhere to our LVUSD Closed Campuspolicies, we will implement a new pick up procedure at Willow beginning Monday, August 27:

1.  All parents walking on campus for pick up are asked to wait outside of campus gates.  For grades 1 - 5 this would include the front office courtyard or outside the Rustling Oaks gate.  Please tell your child ahead of time at which gate you will be picking him or her up.  Carline pickup lanes will stay the same.

2.  Journeys and Kindergarten children will be brought to the gates to meet their parents. Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Fogelson will bring students to the area right outside the Kindergarten yard near the parking lot on Laro.  Mrs. Wisdom will bring her students to the gate near the front office.  Mrs. Licht and Mrs. Fenton will bring students to the gate at Rustling Oaks.  If picking up multiple students from two or more J/K classes in a carpool, please notify teachers so that specific arrangements can be made for one pickup location.

3.  1st grade teachers will walk students to the sidewalk in front of the parking lot on Laro, the Rustling Oaks gate and the Y.  They will send home specific information for their grade level by tomorrow.

4.  Parents of grades 1-3 students enrolled in 31 Minute Club are asked to wait in our front office courtyard or outside the Rustling Oaks gate for their children. If you need to pick your child up early from 31 Minute Club, please go to the front office. The office will radio the campus supervisors and your child will come out to meet you.

5.  Parents are welcome to still walk students to morning play and class each morning and are invited to our Friday assemblies!  Our gates will be locked as soon as school hours begin.  If not immediately leaving morning play, parents are asked to wait in the grassy area where the new tables and benches are.

In addition to these new procedures, we expect all Willow campus visitors, including parents, to follow these protocols:

6.  All visitors on campus during school hours are required to check-in and register at the front office.

7.  Our front office staff will be using the Raptor Verification System.  The system scans the driver’s license of each visitor and checks that information against a national sex offender database.  The office will issue each visitor a one day visitor pass.  Any visitors seen on campus not wearing a pass will be asked to return to the office to check in.

Please let me know if you have any questions about our new or existing campus safety policies.  Thank you for your understanding and adherence to these procedures.


Ms. Kintz