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Recording Attendance is the Law. Please remember and respect that our office staff are the messengers, and school attendance is a legal requirement.

   It is mandatory that you report all absences on a daily basis regardless of the reason.  Absence's not cleared within 72 hours will be considered unexcused.         

   Parents may:

  • Call the Front Office at (818) 889-1450
  • Email
  • Send a parent/doctor's note to school with your child.
The law requires your student to attend school. It is not a district or school policy, it is the law. Public education is compulsory. Family vacations should coincide with the School District's recess days. If your child misses more than three days without a valid excuse (illness), you may receive a letter from White Oak and then possibly, the School Attendance Review Board (SARB) about truancy. Tardiness is also tracked. If an absence or tardiness pattern continues, you may be required to attend a SARB meeting with the Los Angeles County District Attorney. We must take school attendance very seriously. 
Research on the effect of school attendance on students can be found at attendance The school district calendar can be found on the  LVUSD website
Feel free to contact the front office for additional information.