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Dear LVUSD Community,

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends.  I am thrilled to share that our schools will be ready for students and staff to return on Monday!  My heart was warmed by the fact that the students and staff I came in contact with, shared that they missed their friends, classmates, teachers, and school staff.  I have been touched and inspired by the amazing efforts of the first responders, our unparalleled LVUSD staff, students, parents, four cities, community, and the people that gave up time with family during Thanksgiving to get our schools ready.  Returning to a routine will be a welcome change after the challenges we have all experienced. Below are some specifics regarding our clean-up efforts:

  • More than 200 clean-up personnel worked in LVUSD schools for the past 12 days.

  • That equates to more than 25,000 hours of work.

  • Deployed more than 300 air scrubbers inside our schools operating 24/7.

  • Deployed more than 100 deodorizers inside our schools operating 24/7.

  • Cleaned 1.2 million square feet of school space.

  • Fifteen scissor lifts were brought in and used to clean walls and hard-to-reach places.

  • Equipment was sent from as far away as Tennessee to aid the clean-up effort.  

  • Serviced 615 HVAC units and replaced their filters.

We will be keeping a number of air scrubbers and deodorizers over the next few days and weeks to ensure the indoor air quality remains high and to minimize odor.

The Woolsey and Hill Fires were a traumatic event for our entire community.  Our staff and counselors are prepared to welcome and support your children as they return to school.  To assist you and your family in processing trauma, we have collected excellent, age-appropriate resources which you can find on our website at

As I mentioned in previous communications, about 90 Las Virgenes families and two staff members lost their homes during the fires.  If you would like to help these families, you can find opportunities at

It has been a very difficult two weeks for everyone, but we will continue to be here for each other and to lift each other up as we work through this and move forward together.  I miss you...we miss you! The schools are not the same without the wonderful students and dedicated staff filling the classrooms. Can’t wait to see you all on Monday!


With heartfelt gratitude,


Dr. Dan Stepenosky
Las Virgenes Unified School District