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Have a Green Summer

green summer  

Dear Students: You are the future caretakers of the Earth—that’s why we want to partner with YOU to encourage fellow students, parents, and staff to celebrate responsible Earth-friendly activities that you do over the summer.

1. Have a green summer!

2. Snap a pic every time you:

  • recycle
  • plant something
  • pick up trash you see in on the street, the beach, or nature
  • put food waste in a compost bin
  • purchase or wear clothing made from sustainable materials
  • or any other Earth-friendly activity!

3. Share on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter with the hashtag #LVGreen


Email your photos to

In the past, we couldn’t see it when you recycled, or gardened, or composted if you weren’t at school. With #LVGreen, we will be able to see photos of you in action and share them with our community.

Who knows? Your pic might inspire someone else to do something good for our planet!