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Announcing Our 2018 Summer Reading Program!

#LVReads is a summer reading program for all students from preschool through high school. The program’s main goal is to create confident and capable readers who find JOY in reading. #LVReads has no reports. No tests. No vocabulary lists. Just read! 

#LVReads promotes autonomy, independence, mindfulness, thoughtfulness, and empathy in alignment with our Student 360 initiative. Parents are encouraged to join in and model reading through participation in our Community 360 Summer Series. Beginning June 25, we will have Monday morning workshops for parents centered on the domains of Student 360. Bring your children along to participate in student-centric workshops in a different room! Students can get a free bookbag and receive a free book every time you attend together!

Fun Reading Events!

Our official #LVReads Launch Party is at Barnes & Noble on Saturday, June 9.