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Principal's Message

Dear C.U.B.S.,

Well – we made it!   Another incredible year is coming to a close. As Henry L. Doherty said, “Be a student as long as you still have something to learn, and this will mean all your life.” Every experience in life will teach you something. You just need to keep an open mind and open heart to see what lessons the world offers. 

 As you know, this past year brought many challenges and, in turn, gave us opportunities to pivot when things changed and helped us to build our stamina with patience and flexibility.  As a community, we endured difficulties and heartbreak with COVID. I was so proud of our own C.U.B.S. who worked tirelessly to be “all hands on deck,” follow safety protocols, be patient, flexible, and compassionate while supporting one another. 

 Each year, I have the extraordinary opportunity to work with a staff that makes sure that students are learning through the last day of school. I can’t say enough about the professionalism, commitment, and dedication of the Chaparral staff. I am blessed to lead a school with so much community spirit focused on student learning and growth. Unfortunately, from time to time, we need to say goodbye to some of our incredible staff. With our congratulations, and best wishes for a beautiful new beginning, we say farewell to some very special people: Mrs. Jessica Cioffi Wishart will be taking a leave as she and her husband look forward to the birth of their daughter. Mrs. McCartney Baldwin will be transferring to Yerba Buena to job share with another teacher as she and her husband await the birth of a daughter. Mrs. Kristen Thibodeau and Mrs. Sharon Anderson are starting new adventures; their families will be moving out of the state. Their many years of teaching and working with our students have made a difference in Chaparral students’ lives.   We wish them only the best and will miss them!

Tonight is the 5th Grade Variety Show video debut. Normally all grade levels have the opportunity to participate in Variety Show, but this video gives you a glimpse of what we hope next year will be back for all of our CUBS.

Thank you to our VS Sponsors! The 5th Grade Variety Show is Presented By: Kevin Cordasco, Dr. Warren Schacter, Dr. Stuart Hoffman, and Calabasas Kumon.

A very special thank you to Tania Kingsrud and Mira Rocca for producing, writing, directing, and leading our 5th graders! We are so thankful for you both! Your hard work and dedication allowed our 5th graders to have this fantastic show! 

Without further Adieu - it's SHOWTIME because the Chaparral Variety Show is THE GREATEST SHOW!

Next week is jam-packed with many activities, including Culmination for our 5th-grade students and their families on Tuesday, June 8th. Please be aware that traffic and parking may be difficult on Tuesday. We have staggered our AM and PM ceremonies to support our traffic flow, but please bring your patience and understanding to and from school. 

The schedule is as follows: 

Cohort AM: 8:30 to 9:15    

Cohort PM & Ms. Mulleneaux’s VA Class: 12:30 to 1:15

The last day of school is Wednesday, June 9th, and we have a shorter, reduced day: 

The cohort schedule is: Last Day of School 

                                   Cohort AM: 8:00 to 9:40 

                                   Cohort PM: 10:20 to 12:15

Lastly, as you read through this year’s final principal’s message, you will see many ideas from our 2021 #LVReads summer learning program to support reading and writing throughout summer vacation. As you enjoy the break summer brings, it is so important to have your children apply the skills that they have learned this year. #LVReads is a summer reading program for all students from preschool through high school. The program’s main goal is to create confident and capable readers who find JOY in reading. #LVReads has no reports. No tests. No vocabulary lists.  Just have fun and read! 

 Components of #LVReads include:

Book Lists

These lists are organized by reading level (Beginning, Transitional, Developing, Independent, and Young Adults) and cover all grade levels. Each of these books has been carefully selected by teachers and librarians based on reviews by credible organizations and popularity.  You can find these books at our local libraries.  Happy Reading!

Digital Resources - Elementary and Secondary

Many of the digital learning tools that students have been using will remain active all summer long.  We have also created lists of FREE digital resources available for summer enrichment.   Check out the LVUSD SORA Digital Library.  Students can access digital books by selecting their library (Las Virgenes Unified School District) and entering their student email address. Enjoy!

Social Media Challenge

We want to encourage our family, staff, and secondary students (age 13 and older) to showcase reading so we’ve created a summer social media challenge.  Families can all participate by posting pictures that celebrate reading and tagging us at #LVReads on FB, Instagram, and Twitter.  There will be a prize drawing for participation.  We can’t wait to see what you share with us!

Community Programming

Visit our local libraries for fun activities all summer long.  The Calabasas Library’s Online Summer Reading Program “Reading Colors Your World” runs from June 29 through August 1.  On Tuesday, June 29, from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm, stop by the Calabasas Library for a special Summer Reading Program bag.  Then on Wednesday, June 30th, from 1 to 5 pm, stop by for a Grab and Go bag and craft outside the library.  These in-person events are for preschool through 5th grade.  If you can’t get to the Calabasas City library, students can access hundreds of digital books from the Cloud Library.  Make sure you click on “kids or teen” to find titles for students.  To check out these books, students should use their student ID number as their username and password.

 I will be sending home information about this next school year in August. I look forward to  2020 - 2021 days of school, where we hope the school structures will feel very close to normal. Whatever this August brings, our CUBS team will be “all hands on deck” to provide the best we can socially, emotionally, and academically for all of our young CUBS. As always, it is always an honor and a privilege to be your principal. Have a wonderful, fun, and safe summer.


Kindest Regards,

Stephanie Brazell