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ACER Laptop Tips and Troubleshooting

LVUSD's Forward Learning Website has great information and resources to help you troubleshoot, learn about responsible use, parental controls, purchase laptop insurance, etc. 

Laptop Tech Support - Please follow the steps below:
  1. Check out the troubleshooting guide and see if your problem can be easily resolved.
  2. Email to explain your problem. The District Office EdTech team will get back to you with advice as to whether you need in-person service.
  3. Make an appointment to get a laptop or for laptop service at Be sure to use the drop down arrow to select a location.  Appointments are in the boardroom at the District Office, in the AC Stelle Library Media Center, or in the AE Wright Library Media Center.
Here are some quick links for more:


ACER Troubleshooting Tips:

Frozen Mouse

Press on the Fn button in the bottom left corner of the mousepad at the same time as F7 on the top of the screen.  This should fix it.

Numbers instead of Letters

Press on the Fn button in the bottom left corner of the mousepad at the same time as F11 on the top of the screen.  That will fix the problem.

Factory Reset: sound issues or other problems

  1. Completely power off the system
  2. Press the power button and immediately start tapping Esc to get into the Grub menu
  3. Use the arrow keys to select "Restore Factory Settings" and press Enter
  4.  Press 1 then Enter to retain user files
  5. Allow the computer to shut down and fully restart
  6. This should alleviate problems
  7. Once you have done this, occasionally, when students type letters, they get numbers instead.  If this happens, follow the instructions listed above.


Zoom Problems

If your ACER was not turned in at the end of the last school year, Zoom most likely needs to be updated. Please update to the latest version of Zoom here