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Principal's Welcome Message

As these last two years have brought difficult experiences that are out of our control, scary, and stressful, the lesson for us might be, as Dr. Stepenosky wrote in his recent message, “we have a chance to pause, reflect, breathe, and appreciate...take the time to check in with your family and friends,“ and I would add, be thankful and grateful. 

Thank you to all of you, seen and unseen heroes, for keeping a clean and safe school for our children and setting an example for them to follow as future leaders in our society. There is not enough room in a hundred issues of our Cub Corner to give proper thanks to all of the people who need to be thanked. By taking the time to read our weekly newsletter, you are one of them!

 Thank you to our PFC….

  • The multitude of supplies in the classrooms, iPads, smartboards, furniture, field trips
  • Building our school community through Fundraisers; Game Night, Fall Festival, Family Dance
  • Playground equipment and capital improvements, gaga pit, tables, umbrellas, new floors and carpets
  • For the unpaid hours, time, mileage, and expertise you give for the benefit of our school community.

 Thank you to our Chaparral Parents….

  • The countless hours of volunteer work in the school library, the morning drop-off line, the classroom, art class, class celebrations, health and wellness support, our advisory boards and committees
  • The financial support given for so many important aspects of our CUBS education
  • The support of PFC fundraisers; donor drive, book fair, holiday boutique
  • Following school and safety rules and creating a caring and supportive environment for our children.

 Thank you to our entire school staff….

  • For all of the additional time and care you put in without pay
  • For making your life’s work about children, their growth, development, and happiness
  • For being stewards of our future community leaders

A partial list of thanks from our students:

  •  For “appreciating us and helping us” - 5th-grade student
  •  For “teaching me all of the things I know”  - 4th-grade student
  •  For “helping me learn stuff and play games” - Kindergarten student
  •  For “teaching me how to make a Jack-o-Lantern” - 1st-grade student
  •  For “marble parties and fun Friday”  - 2nd-grade student
  • For “giving us “Cub Kudos” - 3rd-grade student

Thank you to our children…

  • For working so hard at school and at home.
  • For always smiling even when you have had a long day at school and you still have to do homework, chores, sports/arts practice when you get home.
  • For your enthusiasm in your classroom projects, art, music, science, Green Team, Student Council, Cub Choir, Art Club and for you incredible school spirit.­
  • For your patience and cooperation with all of the adults giving you directions and instructions throughout the day.
  • For “never giving up!”

Finally, Character Traits continue to be an important part of our education at Chaparral. This month, students will be completing lessons and writing about the character trait of Generosity and Gratitude.  A generous person uses manners and shows people they are important by the way that they treat them. They give to others without concern for self and will share what they have with others unselfishly, especially understanding the difference between what I want and what I need. These include sharing tangible gifts like items and toys as well as gifts that you can’t hold in your hand such as your character traits of caring, kindness, respect, acceptance, being courageous and showing honesty in tough situations. When you become grateful for small pleasures, your outlook changes and opportunities seem to open up everywhere in your life.

This month as we give thanks, let’s all work together to model the character traits of Generosity and Gratitude to all of our students, staff, and community. As a unified community, we will continue to work together to provide a well-rounded education that values not only academic growth but especially, the social and emotional development of all students.

Enjoy your family traditions and time with family and friends during November’s holidays.  Hopefully, you will have some relaxing times together and share conversations with those you love. I wish everyone a safe and healthy November and a fun and memorable Thanksgiving break.




Stephanie Brazell