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Principal's Welcome Message

We are looking forward to a productive and rewarding remainder of the academic year. The return from winter break provides us with a great opportunity to review and rework routines and procedures in order for students to be more successful in school.  Below are suggestions to support your child in building their success.


  • Please make a renewed commitment to help your child get to school on time each day.  In fact, research shows that poor attendance, including taking vacations when school is in session, is often the first step to students being unsuccessful at school.
  • Have your child organize belongings the previous evening; mornings are too busy and rushed. Place all needed items for the next day by the front door or in the car.
  • Take time to review teacher websites with your child to learn about upcoming assignments. Monitor your students’ schoolwork. One way to do this is to have them check in with you after school and share how their day went. A good opening question to help them communicate about this is to ask, “What did you learn in school today?” If you get a vague answer, follow-up by asking them about specific subjects such as math, reading, or science.
  • Read, read, read – Success in school depends, in large part, on a student’s ability to read and understand what they have read. Reading daily a good fit book that your student is interested in is a key factor in becoming a proficient reader. 
  • Reward their effort and hard work -  Rewarding students for high grades is not as effective as rewarding them for their effort. Students are always trying and want to make you proud. Therefore, research also shows that the best way to motivate further effort (Never giving up!) is to notice it, to praise it, and to reward it. 


Each January it is a pleasure for me to conduct school tours for parents who are considering registering at Chaparral for the following year. It is my time to brag, celebrate and show off our incredible school. Our new Student Enrollment for residents for the 2020-2021 School Year will open on Monday, January 6, 2020. The link for enrollment will be on the Chaparral Elementary School website. Please help spread the word and let your neighbors and new resident families know, it is time to register.

In our Assembly this month we will be talking about “tolerance” and "acceptance", two of the values Dr. Martin Luther King promoted, and what that means.  Teachers will be talking with students about treating everyone with respect, understanding, and acceptance regardless of the person’s background, beliefs or practices. These are character traits we would like all people to understand and try to practice. I often tell the children if you hit someone you hurt their body, but when you say mean things or tease, you hurt each other’s heart. Sometimes words hurt more and stay with us even longer.  I know my New Year’s wish is for all of the children at Chaparral to feel respected and safe, all of the time. Let’s all work together as C.U.B.S. to make sure that the message is communicated.

Mrs. Stephanie Brazell