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Principal's Message

 You are all amazing!  This year has gone by quickly. As we move through the second year of our pandemic experience, I am again reminded of a book from the 1990s, Artful Work, by Dick Richards. The book has a powerful message that speaks to this continuous, ever-changing life we live right now. This message applies to every teacher, staff member, parent, and every student:

"As the artist creates their work, the work creates the artist. We are poems in the making."

All CUBS are poems in the making. We are taking our learning, something we value most high, to a very different place than we are used to. The art of teaching is exceptionally profound, complex, and influential in the lives of children. Good teachers are artists who grow in dimension as professionals with every moment they practice their craft. Thank you, parents, for partnering with us to create and write these extraordinary poems. As with all creative processes, these poems, our students, and our work will constantly be changing, revising, and improving over time. We appreciate your patience, flexibility, and understanding as we work through this process together to do our very best for all C.U.B.S.

You Are Amazing!  EVERY….. SINGLE…... DAY. Thank you!!

During spring break from April 2nd - 9th, with school beginning again on April 12th, please remember that if your family has traveled out of the state or country, students must quarantine for 10 days from when they return. I want to kindly remind everyone that there is nothing more important than the relationship between the teacher and the student to increase learning. Students miss that opportunity if they are not attending their classroom instruction. If you travel or if you plan to travel, please let the office know through an email at

For our in-person students, the car lines are moving quicker at arrival and dismissal. When we start back on April 12th,  all students must be in the classroom at 8:00 AM and 12:10 PM.  Let’s work together to get our CUBS back in the habit of being on time for in-person instruction as well as Virtual Academy. Thank you!

As we begin our spring break, my staff and I want to share how much we miss those of you we do not see each day. We are grateful to be working side-by-side with you whether your children are in-person or on-line in the Virtual Academy. We are a TEAM where Together, Everyone Achieves More! 

Enjoy the break, take care, and be well,

Stephanie Brazell


Chaparral Elementary