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Principal's Welcome Message

For Chaparral’s students, the future is just beginning, it is not set. During the month of March, we will continue to work together to develop important learning skills where the student becomes the teacher and is in charge of their learning. In this message, there are examples of some activities your children have or will participate in this month that supports our students in becoming independent learners.  I know with our partnership and support as a unified community, their future will be bright.

Last week, our 5th graders were at Outdoor Education where they had the opportunity to learn from camp naturalists and staff in a hands-on way about ecosystems, native plants, and animals.  Most importantly, this program helps develop their self-esteem through physical activities such as hikes, teamwork, and collaboration with their group mates and counselor. It was a rainy week and, unfortunately, the flu kept some students from attending. In general, when talking to students about their experience, I heard many comments such as, “this is the best week ever,” and “I don’t want to leave.” Well done everyone!  

Our PFC auction has begun! It is amazing the variety of exciting items and events that are offered. We are very grateful for your participation with this important fundraiser. One of the many things your PFC donation money goes to are assemblies, field trips, art, PE, and music specialists. I am very pleased to announce we have hired a new music teacher, Mrs. Beverly Chaffee, who is a credentialed elementary music teacher. She has been at Chaparral this week preparing lessons and will begin classes on Thursday, March 14th. You will find additional information about Mrs. Chaffee in this week’s Cub Corner.

This month, several of our grade levels have enjoyed fun learning experiences by taking field trips and attending on-site assemblies.  This week, first grade enjoyed a visit from Captain Carl and his ocean and tide pool animal life. They had a hands-on experience with sea urchins, an octopus, starfish, sea slug, and a shark. In addition, our 3rd graders visited the Chumash exhibit at the Leonis Adobe Museum. Upcoming this month, our 5th graders will be visiting the Griffith Observatory and 1st grade will be holding their African Market where the students sell wares they have made themselves. All of these learning events are an integration of the grade level’s core curriculum and a very valuable learning experience for our students. Thank you PFC for your continued support!

As an introduction, Tuesday, all students will attend the “Yes to Success” assembly in our MPR. The assembly performers will demonstrate and motivate students to ​set goals​, ​excel​, ​pay attention​, ​train (practice) and ​persevere (never give up!)​. The presentation uses music, humor, and audience participation to engage and teach. Rain permitting, we will have our monthly morning assembly on Wednesday, March 13th.  Student council and staff have prepared a skit highlighting the character trait of Grit and Perseverance (Never giving up!).

As student safety is always a priority, I want to share the work that has been completed along with a few safety information reminders.

  • This past week,  I met with our Chaparral Parent, Staff & Safety Committee. This group reviews our school safety plans, the needs at our sites, and next steps. Our goal is to develop a 3-5 year plan of priorities for items that may require larger amounts of funding to complete, such as an additional gate for the middle-level parking lot. If you would like to be part of this important committee, please talk to our PFC Co-Presidents, Jason Weilert, and Carrie Slatoff. You can find their contact information on the PFC website.
  • STUDENT SAFETY - DROP OFF AND PICK UP: Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to help open car doors and who keep our drop-off car line working efficiently. We can’t thank you enough for your efforts to help keep Chaparral a safer place for our students.  After you pull to the curb and quickly drop your child off, please keep moving forward so the traffic does not back up.  Our crossing guard is also concerned with the student jaywalking that occurs. Please walk your child to the crosswalk and WAIT for the crossing guard to stop traffic.  Take the extra time, it will mean that all students will be safe around our campus.
  • Please follow all rules when picking up students as well. Grades K & 1 are dismissed at the lower level gate and grades 2-5 are dismissed at the upper-level gate. Outside of attending Boys and Girls Club, supervision by staff is at both of those gates. When students do not follow procedures, it is much harder to keep them safe.
  • When volunteering and attending special events on campus, please sign-in and wear your volunteer sticker. If you need to bring an item such as a lunch to your student after school begins, please go to the office and our office staff will make sure your child receives the item. No one is allowed to be on campus without signing in at the office first.

We need all staff, parents, and students to continue to work as a unified team to ensure the safety and success of everyone at Chaparral. As always, I am very proud of our Chaparral C.U.B.S. and it is a privilege to be your principal.


Mrs. Stephanie Brazell