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Webstore Directions

WebStore Information 

The online Lindero Canyon WebStore should be used for ALL purchases. The link to the WebStore is 

To access your students’ account please use their student ID# as the Username, then click forgot password, you will be asked to enter an email address, please enter the parent email used on Aeries.not the student email. You will then receive an email at that address with a link to reset the password for your student’s account. If you have difficulties DO NOT create a new account, please call Debbie Silberberg at x-32229. Usually she can resolve your issue. 

There are two exceptions you need to be aware of: 

  • If your student was enrolled at Lindero after July 13th an account wasn’t automatically set up. Contact Mrs. Silberberg and she will create a new account for your student. If you have two, or more, students here at Lindero you will also run into a problem. This is a programming issue with the software and will be fixed ASAP. You’ll be able to process one of your student’s orders, but will receive an error message for the other(s). If this issue affects your family, please process one order online, and send your other student(s) to the attendance office with a list of items they want to purchase and a check made payable to LCMS, Mrs. Silberberg will process the sale and give your student a receipt.