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LVUSD Updates

Updates for LVUSD Middle and High Schools
Dear Middle and High School Families,

Thank you for your continued support of our students and staff which helped us to lead Los Angeles County to return to on-campus instruction for K-12 students.

Throughout this entire pandemic, we have responded to changes in California Department of Public Health and LA County Public Health guidelines. Given that they have recently lowered the distance guidance from 6 to 3 feet, and the effectiveness of our procedures at our middle and high schools, we will collapse one of our three cohorts so that students will have the option to attend on-campus instruction every other day. This change will go into effect on April 15, 2021. We are excited that this will add 1,200 minutes of in-person instruction, more than a 50% increase. While the change in distancing requirements allows us to bring more students back on campus, it does not allow us to bring all of our students back into the classroom at the same time and still maintain the 3-foot safety requirement.

As a Next Step
  • We are collapsing the three-lettered Cohort assignments (A, B, C)  into two numbered Cohorts (1 and 2) which will be shared on Thursday by site principals with students and families.  These updated schedules can be found at
  • Monday, April 12 through Wednesday, April 14 will maintain the current A, B, and C schedules. 
  • Students will still have the option to attend the virtual afternoon classes in lieu of attending in person, should that be their family preference.
  • We are working with principals to plan in-person culmination and graduation ceremonies to celebrate our students.  These plans will involve flexibility for those who are still not comfortable attending in person while allowing students a safe way to celebrate their milestones on campus.  Virtual Academy students will be able to attend ceremonies with their on-campus peers.  We will have more information about this after the Spring Break. 
  • As a reminder, LACDPH guidelines require a mandatory ten-day quarantine if you travel out of state.  Please stay local and continue to practice the health and safety protocols that have allowed us to expand our reopening efforts.  LACDPH guidelines can be found at Current Travel Advisory.
Finally, Team LVUSD is planning for a normal and full return for the 2021-2022 school year. There may be LACDPH requirements in the fall such as masking, limits on gatherings, and hand hygiene, but we are very optimistic about the future.  

On behalf of our entire staff, we wish you a restful, relaxing, and fun Spring Break with your family.
Take care and Be Well,

Dr. Dan Stepenosky