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We are looking for HALLOWEEN submissions for the AEW YEARBOOK!

Yearbook is looking your HALLOWEEN COSTUME & CELEBRATION photos for the yearbook. You can also write and submit a SPOOKY STORY to be included in the yearbook. Just go to the Yearbook website HERE and click on Student Surveys or Photo Uploads for more info.
AE Wright is committed to bringing your children a fantastic yearbook for 2021! Help us make this a year full of memories for our students by using the app Yearbook Snap, found on the app store for IPhone and Google Marketplace for Android, to send photos of your child to the yearbook staff this year. You may also upload photos on the website All photos will be part of our community upload and will be potentially used in the 2021 yearbook. When submitting the photos, parents will give their email address, which will serve as their consent to use the photos in the yearbook. 
The code for Yearbook Snap is Spartanshare2021.
Make sure to include your child's name, activity, and your email for all photos.