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Problem with 6th grade laptops

We are aware of the Security Boot Fail (SBF) problem on the new 6th grade laptops. The district office and the manufacturer are working on a solution to the problem. 


For now, all students with this problem should see Mrs. Anderson in the library so she can reset the laptop to make it function. Please hold down the power button to turn the laptop off if it is in Security Boot Fail mode - otherwise it will drain the battery.


This is the district's method to resolve SBF when it has happened:

  1. Press power button while tapping F2 to enter BIOS
  2. Use the small arrow keys to navigate right to the "Security" tab
  3. The highlighted line is "Set Supervisor Password"
  4. Press 1 Enter, 1 Enter, Enter again.
  5. Arrow right to the "Boot" tab
  6. "Secure Boot" is highlighted - press Enter, arrow down to disable and press Enter again.
  7. Arrow right to the "Exit" tab and press Enter twice to save and reboot.
  8. When/if it comes back up in SBF, you will type in the password 1 Enter, then proceed to the "Boot" tab and disable Secure Boot following lines 6 and 7 again.