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Permit Information for 2019-2020

Dear LVUSD Families:

This is the time of year to plan for next year’s enrollment. This information is especially important for families who will have a new sibling joining Las Virgenes Unified School District in the fall.

Permit Applications for 2019-20 are only required for NEW students, or students who want to change schools. Current students do NOT need to reapply to stay at the same school.  Please Note: Students already enrolled at LVUSD and entering 6th and 9th grade, will be receiving additional information notices regarding next year’s enrollment.

The 2019-2020 School of Choice and Interdistrict Permit applications will be available online (no hard copy applications accepted) starting November 26, 2018 and close February 1, 2019.

Application Turnaround: Applications submitted by February 1st, will be processed by March 15th.

Applications received after the first round deadline will be processed on a case by case basis.

Types of Permits:

Please review the below links to determine which type of permit application pertains to your situation:

School of Choice Permit: This permit is for LVUSD residents and current students who would like to attend another Las Virgenes Unified School. This includes students who were previously released from their home district in a prior year and have been permitted to attend LVUSD. Applying for School of Choice permit is not a guarantee of transfer to the requested school, but we will make every effort to accommodate the request. To go to this permit page, please click on the following link: School of Choice Permit Page

Interdistrict Permits (New Incoming): This permit is for students who live outside the Las Virgenes Unified School District and wish to transfer into LVUSD. To go to this permit page, click on the following link: Interdistrict Permits (Incoming) Page and follow these steps:

  • Apply for LVUSD Incoming Interdistrict permit (November 26 - February 1)
  • Receive a  decision from LVUSD (March 15)
  • If you receive a contingent approval from LVUSD, apply for an outgoing release from your home district
  • Once your home district approves the outgoing release, submit the release to LVUSD to secure your enrollment within 30 DAYS
  • Links to neighboring Home District pages can be found here: Neighboring LVUSD District Links

Interdistrict Permits (Outgoing): If you are a current resident and wish to attend another public school district, you must apply for a permit to be released from LVUSD. To go to this permit page, click on the following link: Interdistrict Permits (Outgoing) Page           

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Ali in the Permits Department 818-878-5258 or