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Green Bag Project

The Green Bag Project (Dec 10-14, 2018)

Suggested Item List


Use your imagination. Almost everything has value on Skid Row.

Important: If your bag is for a female, please tie a red or pink ribbon on the handle.


  • Soap, deodorant, feminine hygiene, other toiletries
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Comb/brush, other grooming items (if your bag is female specific, tie a ribbon on the handle)
  • Winter months -- warm stuff (gloves, hat, scarves, sweatshirts, bedding) Any season -- jacket or windbreaker, blanket, fleece throw
  • Other good clothing items such as shorts, sweat pants (clean and folded), T-shirts or tops. Unisex clothing is best -- adult sizes only.
  • Socks -- two pairs or more, clean underwear
  • Towels, washcloths, hand towels, etc. -- does not have to be new, used are perfectly acceptable (a clean towel is a treasure)
  • Medicine chest: band aids, sun block, hand wipes, Kleenex, Bactine, Chapstick, Neosporin, etc.
  • Food -- always needed. Packages you can open with your fingers. Zip top cans, granola bars, raisins, fruit cups. (No refrigerated, perishable, or breakable items.)
  • One or two personal sized bottles of water
  • Camping items like a poncho, small pillow, umbrella, sleeping bag, etc.
  • Postcard or envelope with a stamp on it. A clean sheet of paper in the envelope.
  • Your personal note of encouragement (1-3 sentences).



Things that DO NOT go in the bag:

  • Shoes -- they'll end up in the trash if they don't fit.
  • Money
  • Alcohol or tobacco items
  • Prescription medicines
  • Sharp tools
  • Battery or fuel operated items
  • Perishable items that will spoil