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Dress Code

Please choose your clothing wisely in accordance with the dress code

(page 9 of the Student Organizer).



The manner in which students dress has a direct impact upon their attitude and performance. Clothing or appearance which creates a class disturbance is not permitted. In order to maintain a positive and productive educational environment, A. C. Stelle enforces the following dress code:

1) No visible body piercing or adornments are allowed except earrings.

2) Outfits that show or appear to show underwear or are unduly revealing are not permitted.

3) All tops/blouses must be long enough so that if hands are raised over the head, a bare midriff is not exposed. Spaghetti straps and strapless tops are not allowed. A 2” strap is a good rule of thumb as long as the bra strap is covered. Simply putting on a sweater, sweatshirt or other outer garment over the non-compliant shirt or blouse is not acceptable.

4) Pants must fit around the waist and stay up without the aid of a belt, rope, or suspenders. “Sagging” is not allowed.

5) Shorts and skirts must be long enough so that when one’s arms are straight at the side, the tip of the thumb doesn’t exceed the length of the garment.

6) Clothing which is a safety hazard is not permitted. This includes but is not limited to sandals, flip-flops, clogs, open-toe or backless shoes, and/or extremely high heels. Severely ripped and/or torn clothing is inappropriate attire. Wallets with chains, spiked wristbands and similar adornments are not allowed.

7) No clothing which depicts any of the following is permitted:  offensive or vulgar language; inappropriate pictures or graphics related to graffiti, weapons, sex, or sexual innuendo;  advertisements for or images promoting alcohol, cigarettes, or other controlled substances; breaking the law, violence, racial, ethnic, and/or religious slurs.

8) Hats or hoods must be removed in classes and offices as a sign of respect.

9) Extreme hair styles are unacceptable at school (i.e., mohawks, long spikes, etc.)

In all matters relating to individual dress and grooming, students are required to exercise good judgment, exhibit responsible behavior, and endeavor to reflect respect for themselves, their school, and their community.

PROCEDURE: Student attire will be checked in homeroom each morning and throughout the day as noticeable by staff. Students in violation of the dress code:  

  • may lose behavior points;  
  • will be asked to change into red loaner shirt/shorts or other clothing;  
  • may contact parents to bring appropriate clothing to school;  
  • may remain in the school on In-House suspension pending corrective action.

A warning will be given upon a student's first offense. The second offense will earn disciplinary consequences. Each offense thereafter will also earn an Eagle Club behavior point deduction.

Note: Repeated violations or refusal to comply with dress code provisions will be considered defiance and may result in disciplinary action. The Principal and staff may revise the dress code rules as needed and as appropriate. Students will be forewarned if rules are changed.