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Culmination Information

The 8th Grade culmination ceremony will take place on Wednesday, June 14th at 5:30 pm.  

Please RSVP to the June 9 8th Grade Culmination Party NOW! 

This is a FREE Party. We just need every student who is coming to RSVP.  1 RSVP per student. Please do not RSVP for a friend. We need all students to RSVP for their own tickets.  

Culmination party


Please NOTE: DRESS CODE: The following attire is recommended for BOTH this year's culmination dance and ceremony: 

• Slacks and an open-collar shirt (tie optional) would be appropriate. 

• Dresses may be long or regular length, with simplicity as the goal. STRAPLESS, BACKLESS, OR IMMODESTLY SHORT DRESSES AND/OR DRESSES WITH LOW CLEAVAGE ARE NOT ALLOWED