PFC Meetings

  • PFC meetings provide valuable information on what is happening at school and throughout the school district. Some meetings feature outside informational speakers who discuss topics affecting middle school children and their families. PFC meetings allow you to meet other parents and become involved in activities that support your child's education and well being.  Dates are subject to change - check the Activities Calendar for accurate dates. 

    Meeting Schedule
    2019-2020 - TENTATIVE
    Time Location
    Wednesday, August 21 8:15 am Multi Purpose Room
    Wednesday, September 11 6:30 pm Faculty Lounge
    Wednesday, October 9 8:30 am Faculty Lounge
    Wednesday, November 13 7:00 pm Faculty Lounge
    Wednesday, January 15 7:00 pm Faculty Lounge
    Wednesday, February 12 8:30 am Faculty Lounge
    Tuesday, March 11 8:30 am Faculty Lounge
    Wednesday, April 8 8:30 pm Faculty Lounge
    Wednesday, May 6 8:30 am Faculty Lounge
    Wednesday, May 27 8:30 am Faculty Lounge