• Dreams being realized, a vision materializing, a mission coming to fruition…

    This past school year, the school community including staff, students and parents came together to develop a new vision and mission for Chaparral. This mission statement for the 21st Century; came from our collective dreams for the future development of Chaparral Elementary School. It illustrates what we believe are the most important factors in ensuring the success of all students at Chaparral:  

    Chaparral is a unified community dedicated to building an environment that promotes the development of the whole child as a successful individual through…
    Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking, Creativity
    Our school motto: “C.U.B.S.: A Community Unified Builds Success,” serves as a constant reminder that by working together as a unified community, we can ensure the success of our students.
    • Developed vision for Chaparral:  C.U.B.S.
    • Developed mission statement for Chaparral
    • Staff and parent committees to support the vision and mission process
    • Single Plan of Student Achievement (SPSA) informed by multiple sources of data (including staff and parent surveys) and includes a communication goal
    • Staff suggestion box for constructive ideas 
    • A unified Safety Plan with initial training for staff and students 
    • Information night and Principal Coffee on discipline plan purpose, student expectations, policies and procedures
    • Student grade level school rules and bullying assemblies along with follow-up assemblies for grades 3-5
    • Evening Parent Training on Positive Behavior Supports
    • Additional adult support for all grade levels to support small group learning 
    • Additional time provided for collaboration within and across grade levels
    • Decreased “bullying” behavior
    • Reestablished Student Council
    • Morning Announcements
    • Spirit Days
    • Additional communication methods through PFC website, Facebook and restructure/upgrade of the “Chaparral Cub Corner.”

    Work in Progress…

    • The finalizing of our united school wide Comprehensive Behavior Plan including:    
    • Comprehensive training (staff, students & parents)
    • Ongoing and continued training for all staff regarding the Safety Plan 
    • Progress monitoring regarding Chaparral’s school plan, vision and mission
    • Buddy programs with grade level partners
    • Kids have a voice and see their own ideas materialize (e.g. Student Council, Art Club, specific games played at recess/lunch)
    • Parent suggestion box (“Inspiration Station”) for constructive ideas 
    • Support classroom learning by homework follow–through and by respecting staff/community members