• AP Information

    Advanced Placement classes, better known as “AP” classes, are college-level courses with rigorous standards that are taught in high school. These classes show colleges/universities that the student is serious about his/her education and is prepared for the challenges at the next level. The semester grades in an AP class are weighted, providing an extra point to the grade point scale, therefore positively affecting a student’s overall GPA, as well. In addition to showing colleges the rigor of a student’s schedule, the student may take the AP exam, administered through the College Board, for the specific subject in May of each year. If a student receives an eligible score, based on each college/university’s criteria, they may be able to receive college credit and require less classes to graduate from that college/university.

    For more information on AP classes and exams, please go to https://apstudent.collegeboard.org/home

    All of the specifics for signing up to take AP exams will be on the AHS website in the Spring. Students in AP classes will also be advised of the sign-up procedure. All dates, times, costs, and requirements will be posted, emailed, etc. to let students know what they will need in order to be prepared for the exam in May.