• UPDATED:  5-1-2020

    All students registered for the AP exam should have by now received correspondence from College Board regarding their AP exam day. If you have not, you can review all of the recently sent information through this link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ia0aqV2eaAu4vFQN08vY7eYrnZts54jO?usp=sharing


    Below are some of the key points that I would like to share regarding exam day:

    • Make sure that you are using the correct TIME ZONE for the exam. We are in the Pacific Time zone. Sometimes College Board uses Eastern Time as their primary time zone. Eastern Time zone is 3 hours ahead of ours. For example: if the exam is scheduled for 12 pm EDT that means you will be testing at 9 am PDT. 
    • For detailed information about your exam ticket - see pages 5 -7 of the AP Exam Testing Guide (link above). 
    • Do not use your exam ticket if you will not be testing in May. You will receive another one for June late-testing.
    • For instruction on submitting answers, see pages 11-14 of the AP Exam Testing Guide (link above).
    • NOTE: Music Theory has different submission requirements on page 15 of the AP Exam Testing Guide (link above).
    • NOTE: World language and culture exams (Chinese and Spanish) consist of speaking tasks only. Before the exam, you must download the free AP World Languages Exam App—available in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. More info on page 16 of the AP Exam Testing Guide (link above).
    • For info on accommodations, see page 17 of the AP Exam Testing Guide (link above).
    • MAKEUP TESTING: The makeup testing request form is ONLY for students who test in May, encounter issues, and need another opportunity to test. Students that already have known conflicts with the May dates can test in June simply by not using their May e-ticket – they will automatically be issued a June e-ticket. See page 18 of the AP Exam Testing Guide (link above) for more info.
    • REVIEW the Five Steps to Take Before Exam Day on page 21 of the AP Exam Testing Guide (link above).
    • REVIEW WHAT YOU WILL NEED FOR EXAM DAY: on pages 27-30 of the AP Exam Testing Guide (link above).
    • COMPLETE EXAM DAY CHECKLIST (found in the link above).
    • Details of all mentioned and more are found in the AP Exam Testing Guide (link above).

    New videos are available to give students quick, easily accessible information about their test day experience, what they need to do to prepare, exam security, and more: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ACdFxOontGgFOlSnWYnw0o1pMnP81Sm5WdtSMhTBkMg/edit

    I do realize that this is a lot of information so if you have read the testing guide and are still not sure about any of the components please reach out to me.

    Be well,

    Ayla MirJafarli

    Ayla MirJafarli, MS, PPS

    College & Career Advisor

    PSAT/AP Coordinator


    We understand the Coronavirus has caused significant adjustments to everyday life, including education. We know all the changes and the unknown are causing stress, confusion, frustration, and sometimes even anger.

    Here is a quick update regarding the College Board’s plan regarding the 2020 AP Exam Administration. There are many details to come so we strongly recommend that students do not take any action until they have all the details to make an educated decision regarding the AP Exams.

    On Friday, the College Board posted this preliminary update https://apcentral.collegeboard.org/about-ap/news-changes/coronavirus-update.

    Here are the highlights regarding the plan for the 2020 AP Exam Administration:

    • There will NOT be any face-to-face AP exams this year
    • Students will take AP exams at home
    • Exams will be 45 minutes
    • Exams will NOT contain multiple-choice questions
    • Exams will be administered online
    • Students will be able to take the exam on one of two separate dates to be announced by the College Board April 3, 2020
    • Exams will be assessing a reduced scope of content, content that would “typically” have been covered before March
    • Students will have the option of canceling their exam(s), and CB will waive the late fee they would have charged the school

    College Board will be providing additional online resources, see https://apstudents.collegeboard.org/coronavirus-updates#free-ap-classes.

    Once additional details are provided by the College Board, we will contact you regarding how you will indicate whether you wish to take your exam on the first date, the second date, or if you wish to cancel. Thank you for your patience and for waiting for further instructions that will be forthcoming in April on how to proceed.

    Agoura High School
    Ayla MirJafarli

    Ayla MirJafarli, MS, PPS

    College & Career Advisor

    PSAT/AP Coordinator

    Agoura High School

    28545 W Driver Ave

    Agoura Hills, CA 91301

    (818) 889-1262 ext. 51374



    Please note that school is now closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. School staff is working remotely and therefore phones may not be answered. Email is the best way to communicate at this time.

    AP Information

    Advanced Placement classes, better known as “AP” classes, are college-level courses with rigorous standards that are taught in high school. These classes show colleges/universities that the student is serious about his/her education and is prepared for the challenges at the next level. The semester grades in an AP class are weighted, providing an extra point to the grade point scale, therefore positively affecting a student’s overall GPA, as well. In addition to showing colleges the rigor of a student’s schedule, the student may take the AP exam, administered through the College Board, for the specific subject in May of each year. If a student receives an eligible score, based on each college/university’s criteria, they may be able to receive college credit and require less classes to graduate from that college/university.

    For more information on AP classes and exams, please go to https://apstudent.collegeboard.org/home

    All of the specifics for signing up to take AP exams will be on the AHS website in the Spring. Students in AP classes will also be advised of the sign-up procedure. All dates, times, costs, and requirements will be posted, emailed, etc. to let students know what they will need in order to be prepared for the exam in May.