• Interdistrict Outgoing Permit Information

    This permit is for families who reside within LVUSD boundaries and wish to attend a school outside of the Las Virgenes Unified School District.

    How do I apply for an Interdistrict Outgoing Permit?

    1. Fill out a 23-24 Interdistrict Outgoing Permit HERE Application starting November 21, 2022. 
    2. Submit required documents.
    3. Wait for a decision from LVUSD.  Decisions are released by March 15.
    4. If approved, contact the requested district for any additional information regarding their permit process.

    Interdistrict Outgoing Application Notes:

    • Please reference your Permit Request Number in any communication sent to the District. Required documentation may be submitted via email to permitinfo@lvusd.org.
    • If you choose to return to your home school, please notify the permit office at both districts of your decision.
    • Home to school transportation is the responsibility of the parent/guardian and LVUSD does not provide out of district transportation.
    • LVUSD will not be responsible for excess costs incurred for special education services, unless specifically contracted for outside this permit.

    Interdistrict Outgoing Permit - FAQs

    What is an Interdistrict Outgoing Permit ?
    This permit is for families who reside within LVUSD boundaries and wish to attend a school outside of the Las Virgenes Unified School District.

    How do I apply for an Interdistrict Outgoing Permit?
    Applications will be open from November 21  through February 1st. Follow the steps on the Interdistrict Incoming Permit application.  

    When can we submit our Interdistrict Outgoing Permit Application?
    Priority deadline for the next school year is from November 21st to February 1st. Applications submitted after the deadline will be reviewed and/or processed on a case by case basis.

    What reasons do you consider for accepting applications?
    Parent Employment a minimum 15 hours per week, Sibling, Specialized Program and Continuing Education. Other reasons are considered on a case by case basis.  

    Who should submit documents for an Interdistrict Outgoing Permit?
    All students who are interested in applying and wish to attend a school outside of the Las Virgenes Unified School District.

    What documentation should be submitted when applying?
    Follow the steps on the Interdistrict Outgoing application request and email the documents by February 1st.  A complete application must include a rationale for the transfer request. 

    Please bear in mind that Out-of-District permits will only be processed for the following reasons: 

    • If using Employment: please provide employment information. Three months proof of payment (pay stub) and a letter on the employer’s letterhead verifying schedule (hours and days) and location of employment (a minimum of 15 hours per week is required);

    OR If self-employed, an office lease, a letter on business letterhead, a copy of a valid current business license (not applicable for the City of Calabasas) and/or the following: business card, website link, 1099, W2 or tax registration certificate.

    • If using Sibling: please provide a copy of sibling’s current and last year's report card.
    • If using Continuing Enrollment/Education: please provide proof of attendance in current school.
    • If using Specialized Program: please provide proof of a specialized program not offered by LVUSD. (Example: Course details, website, brochure). Approvals will be contingent upon proof of enrollment in specialized programs. 

    Where should documentation be submitted?
    Please email all requested documentation with your permit request number to permitinfo@lvusd.org.

    How do we know if our student has been accepted? 
    Interdistrict Outgoing applications received by February 1 deadline will be reviewed by March 15. Families will receive an email with the status of your application. If approved for a release, a copy of your signed permit will be sent to you and the requested district. Being released from LVUSD does not guarantee acceptance into your requested district. Applications received after the deadline will be processed on a case by case basis. 

    Do we need to reapply for Interdistrict Transfer every school year?
    No.  Once approved and released , a student may remain at the approved school through the highest grade level at that school. Unless there is a change in status, which may include changing your home address. 

    Does the requested district require an LVUSD release in order to proceed with them ? 
    No. The requested district should be able to simultaneously work on your incoming request, while you are waiting on the decision from LVUSD.

    If you understand and agree with the information above, please click below to proceed to the application. 

    Questions: If you have questions or concerns, please email: permitinfo@lvusd.org