• Traffic/Walking Rules


    Traffic Flow:

    • The Paul Revere entrance is the only entrance/exit for parents. Do not use the bus entrance.
    • All traffic must turn right or left when entering or exiting the school at the three-way stoplight. There is no driving straight across onto Paul Revere.
    • Please do not arrive prior to 2:35 p.m. Those who arrive early must queue up along the drop off zone, snaking through the front parking lot. This creates a hazard if too many people arrive early and cars back up onto Mulholland Highway. Suggestion: If you arrive at campus later, avoiding most of the pick-up rush, you can usually pull right into school.
    • The City of Calabasas allows waiting along eastbound Mulholland Highway between Paul Revere Drive and Freedom Drive toward Gelson’s.

    Rules for Drivers:

    • Please respect and obey the staff who are directing traffic.
    • Do not arrive at school before 2:35 p.m. for pick-up.
    • Always pull forward through the loop. Traffic will back up if you leave space in front of you. KEEP MOVING FORWARD!
    • Students may not enter or exit cars until they pass the Administration building even if the curb ahead is fully packed with cars.
    • Students should move quickly when entering and exiting cars and only use curbside doors. Do not exit a vehicle in the pull through lane. It is dangerous!
    • Drive all the way through the loop and exit appropriately.
    • If you are in the pull through lane, please drive cautiously as the safety of our children is in your hands.


    • Please do not wait in front of residential homes; we have to be good neighbors.
    • When the crossing guard is walking students across the street he or she must have both feet on the curb before you can move.
    • The roundabout on Paul Revere has 4 stop signs and drivers must stop for other drivers as well as pedestrians.

    Rules for Walkers:

    • All walkers must cross Mulholland Hwy. or Paul Revere Drive at the designated crosswalk, with the crossing guard, when the crossing guard is present.
    • All walkers must stay off the yards of homeowners and respect property in our community.
    • Students should not gather at Gelson’s after school.