• Culmination General information

    In order to culminate (graduate) from a Las Virgenes middle school, a student must be of good character and citizenship, must have completed the required courses and must have passed the stated proficiency requirements. If a student’s progress indicates that culmination requirements may not be met, school personnel will contact parents.

    Students who fail one subject twice (2 semesters, i.e. Math 6 and Math 8) or fail four different subjects (4 semesters, i.e. History 6, ELA 6, Science 7, Math 8) during their three years at A. C. Stelle Middle School, do not meet the requirements for culmination, thus earning Non-Culm status. In order to remediate and offer an opportunity for culmination, a student must complete available options (see student’s counselor).

    When and where is culmination?
    Culmination from A. C. Stelle Middle School is always the evening of the last day of school. The school day ends this day at 11:50 am. Culminating students must be back in the gym to assemble for the ceremony no later than 4:45 pm. The ceremony is held on the upper field in the back of our campus.

    What time does culmination begin?
    The ceremony begins at 5:30 pm. 

    How long does the ceremony last? 
    It lasts approximately one hour. But, for post-ceremony planning purposes, it’s best to allow time for: the students’ recessional walk back to the gym, distribution of diplomas and certificates, taking of photos, last-minute yearbook signing, the traffic out of the parking lot, etc.

    Do I need tickets?
    No tickets are required. Seating (and parking) is on a first-come, first-served basis.

    How many people can I bring?
    As many or as few guests as you would like.

    What can my student wear with his/her culmination gown?
    Tank tops & shorts are not allowed under gowns. Since there will be a processional march over an uneven surface, heels are highly discouraged; students should wear flat shoes, and absolutely no flip-flops allowed. A collared shirt for boys looks best.

    Where is the cap that goes with the gown?
    There are no caps, only gowns.

    I will have a guest who will need help to his/her seat. What should I do?
    We will use every available inch of space on our campus to accommodate the large number of vehicles on culmination night. Parking is on a first-come, first-served basis. All handicapped-accessible spaces will be used for those needing them. If you need one and none are available, please let the parking assistants know, and you will be directed to drive to the back of the campus to let out the person who needs assistance. There is a ramp up to the seats.