Attendance Office

  • Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.

    To Report Absences: email Please include your student’s first and last name, grade, date of absence(s) and reason for absence(s). All absences must be cleared within 72 hours or the absence will be marked unexcused and cannot be changed at a later date. For questions only: 818-224-4107 option 2

    The Attendance Office, staffed by Brenda Evans, is responsible for the accurate recording of attendance. A student's attendance is an important component for successful achievement. Students learn through consistent attendance important life skills that carry through into adulthood.

    The Attendance Office is located in the main administration building. Consistent attendance is fundamental and essential to academic success. Please make every effort to ensure that your student attends school every day.

    • Excused:  Illness, doctor appointment, death in immediate family, court appointments, quarantine, and religious holidays. 
    • Unexcused:  Vacations/travel, transportation problems, overslept, sporting events, etc.  Following three unexcused absences, the state requires the school to consider those absences as truancies.
    • Truancy:  Student initiated absence carries consequences that may include some or all of the following:  Saturday Work Program, citation from law enforcement, parent/legal guardian conference, referral to the School Attendance Review Board (SARB), or a school transfer.  

    When a student is absent for a whole day and/or class period, parents are requested to email the attendance office to report the absence on a daily basis. If an email was not sent, please be sure your child returns to school with a note written by the parent, stating the dates and reason for the absence.

    If a student has been absent a full day of school,(s)he should: report to the attendance office as soon as (s)he arrives at school (allow extra time to do this (S)he will be issued a re-admit slip which should be shown to each teacher when (s)he reports to class.

    If a student arrives at school on a late bus, (s)he should: sign in at the attendance office, then proceed to class.

    If a student arrives late to school, (s)he should: bring a handwritten note from either parent/legal guardian or medical office indicating the time of arrival to the attendance office, and the secretary will give the student a tardy pass. It is not necessary for the parent to accompany the student to the office as long as (s)he has a note.

    When a student is absent for an entire day, the parent/legal guardian must report the absence in a timely manner:
    REPORT THE ABSENCE BY EMAIL at Please include your student’s first and last name, grade, date of absence(s) and reason for absence(s). 

    UPON A STUDENT'S RETURN, SEND THEM BACK TO SCHOOL WITH A NOTE ONLY IF AN EMAIL HAS NOT BEEN SENT.  The note must be written and signed by the parent/legal guardian stating the dates and reason for the absence.

    All absences must be cleared within 72 hours or the absence will be considered a truant absence (unexcused) and assignments may not be made up for credit.  The day of the unverified absence parents will be notified by phone and email.  Students deemed truant (in violation of compulsory attendance law) if they have three or more unexcused absences and/or tardies (30 minutes or more in duration) within one school year. (Education Code Section 48260)

    If a parent plans to pick up his/her child while school is in session, the parent should: arrive 5-10 minutes prior to the time they need their child so that the Attendance Office can send a pass for the student. The Attendance Secre3tary will not send for a student until the parent is present. Also, keep in mind if a student is coming from P.E. class, (s)he will need additional time to change clothes. The student will meet the parent in the Attendance Office. All students MUST be signed out before leaving campus.

    When picking up your student, please go to the Attendance Office to sign your student out. All students MUST be signed out by a parent or guardian before leaving campus.  

    PLEASE NOTE: Students will not be released to minors or anyone not listed on a student's emergency card or contacts in Aeries.  In non-emergency situations, written permission must be provided by the parent or guardian.  Identification will be required - person must be 18 or older.

    There are two types of extended absences of which parents/guardians need to be aware; both require action to be taken prior to the absence.
    1. Request for Pre-approval form is required for an absence of 1-4 days that falls outside the general reasons (illness, doctor's appointment, funeral, etc.) for absences. This form is available here. Please fill this form out, have your student acquire teachers' signatures, then turn the form in to the AP office for approval.
    2. Short Term Independent Study may be granted for an extended absence of five days or more.  Parents should contact the Assistant Principal's Office several weeks prior to the absence.  A Short Term Independent Study Agreement will be completed, then submitted for approval from the Administration. If approved, the AP office will notify the teachers, who will provide work to the student to be done during the extended absence.

    If withdrawing a student, please contact the Registrar one or more days before the final school day and provide the name and address of the new school to the Registrar. On the last day of attendance, please send a handwritten note with the student stating that this will be the last day (s)he will be attending A. C. Stelle. The student will take the note to the Attendance Office first thing in the morning, and the Attendance Secretary will give the student a clearance form to take around for the signatures from his/her teachers, Media Center, Health Office, etc. (S)he will turn in all his/her textbooks, technology, and library books at that time. After (s)he has acquired all the staff signatures and has cleaned out his/her P.E. locker, (s)he will bring the clearance form back to the Attendance office, where (s)he will receive a copy of the withdrawl form. The final transcript and vaccination/medical record can be picked up from the Registrar at the end of the day.