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    LVUSD Link App Getting Started Guide


    About the App

    The LVUSD Link app is a powerful new tool for parents, students, and staff that will help you stay connected to everything that is happening at your school(s). It aggregates the latest news from LVUSD web sites, Twitter, and Facebook, as well as schedules, sports scores, directories, and much more, and provides instant push notifications for everything that matters to you. Best of all, it helps parents and students stay connected to everything going on in the classroom by pulling student information, such as attendance and grades, directly from Aeries, giving you one place to go for all of the information you need to keep up-to-date with student progress.

    Getting the App

    The LVUSD Link app is available for both Android and iOS in their respective app stores. To install it, tap on the links below on your phone or search for “LVUSD” in the iOS App Store or Google Play, and you should see it as the first item in the list.

    playstore    ios


     Basic Navigation

    Your school may have different icons, depending on school grade levels and activities, but the default icons are:

    • Activity Stream - The Activity Stream button brings all the newest information from the app to one single place. You can view upcoming calendar events, recent notifications, recent news topics and posts/tweets, and images.
    • Notifications - The Notifications button contains all the district and school notifications that were sent. Access this button to view the notifications.
    • Calendar - The Calendar button is the place where all calendars (excepting calendars that are designated as cafeteria calendars) are stored. You can choose what calendars to view.
    • Directory - The Directory button allows you to see specific information regarding staff members and organizations.
    • News - The News button contains all the news feeds. You can choose what feeds to view from what schools.
    • Photos - The Photos button is the place where all images are stored. Users can choose what feeds they want to see from what schools.
    • Student Info - The Student Info button is where you go to log into the app. Logging into the app allows you to view student information. Depending on the district/school configuration, you can view upcoming assignments, missed assignments, grades, classes, lunch balances, and library balances.
    • Sports - The Sports button is where all sports information is stored, including scores, websites, and news. You can choose what to follow at what schools.
    • Superintendent - The Superintendent Button is where information is stored regarding the superintendent. This includes a biography and any news feeds.
    • School Finder - The School Finder button allows you to see what school boundaries you reside in.
    • Nutrition - The Nutrition button is the place where lunch calendars are stored.
    • Facebook - The Facebook button allows you to navigate and view all the Facebook feeds that are in the system in a Facebook format. You can choose what Facebook page to look at. Only one can be viewed at a time.
    • Twitter - The Twitter button allows you to navigate and view all the Twitter feeds that are in the system in a Twitter format. You can choose what Twitter account to look at. Only one can be viewed at a time.
    • YouTube - The YouTube button allows you to navigate and view all the YouTube feeds that are in the system in a YouTube format.
    • Resources - The Resources button is a place where school and district administrators can store web links and PDF files. You can view the resources available.
    • Settings - The Settings button is where you can control certain functions of the app.

    In addition, there is a Settings button at the top right of app on nearly every page, which allows you to change the settings for the particular part of the app. For example, when viewing Notifications in the app, clicking this button will enable you to choose which notifications you wish to receive and to set notification preferences.





    Logging into the App

    While logging into the app is not required, it is necessary in order to view specific information about a student, such as schedules, grades, attendance, and contact information. In order to login, you must first have received an email from your school containing your Login ID and Password, with the subject "Accessing the Las Virgenes USD App." 

    Once you have received this email, simply tap on the Student Info icon and enter the Login ID and Password from the email you received. If you think your Facebook or Google email addresses match the ones on your student's record you can give them a try, however if they don't work, we recommend using the passwords that were emailed directly to you.


    studentinfo         login


    Once you have logged in successfully, you will see new icons that will have your name and the names of your students. Tap on their icons to see their grades, balances, assignments and other information.