Yerba Buena Elementary Mission Statement

    The Yerba Buena Elementary School community believes that children deserve a safe, stimulating and enriched learning environment in which every child thrives. Our focus is academic rigor and excellence. This is accomplished through arts and technology integration, strong teacher collaboration, high expectations of achievement in core content areas and community and parent involvement. The YB staff is dedicated to providing all students the opportunity to become motivated and responsible learners, resourceful problem solvers and respectful partners and collaborators with their peers. They will be challenged to achieve in the core basics of reading, writing, speaking, listening, critical thinking, computing and reasoning.

    Our plan will ensure arts and technology are integral parts of every student’s academic experience. This will foster inspiration, creativity and provide a firm foundation of technology.



    Office Hours: 7:30 a.m. ­ 4:00 p.m., Monday ­ Friday


    School Spirit Colors: Red and White


    School Mascot: Bobcats


    Important Contact information


    School website: www.yerbabuenaelementary.org


    LVUSD website: www.lvusd.org


    PFA’s website: www.yerbabuenapfa.org


    Stay connected through social media:





    Arrival / Dismissal Time


    The school provides supervision on the playground from 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. for students 1st -5th grade. Students should not arrive at school before 7:30 a.m. Because of the size of the parking lot, “Staff Reserved” parking spaces are for staff only. All other parking spaces are marked “Visitors” for volunteers and visitors. Parking lot violators are subject to being towed at owners expense, refer to posted signs in parking lot for more information. The red zone must be available for emergency vehicles and busses. The Sheriff ’s Department will be ticketing cars in the red zones. Students must be picked up promptly at dismissal or be enrolled in YMCA, “27 Minute Club” for students in grades 1-3 or after school enrichment classes. Journeys/Kindergarten arrival begins at 7:55 a.m. with supervision on the Kindergarten playground until 8:10 a.m. when classes begin.







    Attendance and Punctuality

    It is important that children attend school on a regular basis and arrive on time each day. Any student who does not arrive on time on the playground will be considered late. The State Education Code states, “Any child may be reported as truant… who has been absent from school without valid excuse more than three days, or tardy on more than three days for more than 30 minutes.” All absences must be reported to the office daily. Any absence not reported will be considered unexcused after 72 hours. There are three ways to verify an absence: 1) send a note, 2) call the attendance line, or 3) complete absence form online. Every time that your child is absent for any reason, the State does not pay our district for that day. If you would like to pick up homework for a sick child, please call the office by 9:30 am to request assignments. Pick up your child’s homework assignment after the school day (2:06 p.m. for grades 1 – 3 and 2:33 p.m. for grades 4 and 5) in the office. Please do not disturb the classrooms. If your child is coming late to school and needs to buy a school lunch, please call the office by 9 a.m. to place his/her order. If you know in advance that your child will be absent for at least five (5) consecutive school days, they may be eligible for Independent Study. This involves a contract to be signed by the student, teacher, parent and principal and requires work to be completed by the student. Please notify the office and teacher in advance to start this process (at least 2 weeks). Any combination of three unexcused absences and/or three unexcused tardies of over 30 minutes equals one (1) truancy. Three (3) truancies will result in a letter from the principal. With your 6th truancy and beyond, you will receive another letter and a scheduled meeting with the principal will be required. After 12 truancies, the district office requires a meeting with district officials along with outside agencies, i.e. district attorney’s office, etc.










    Change of Address and / or Telephone Number

    Please notify the school office immediately of any change in address or telephone number. It is important that we have updated information in case of any emergency. You may also log in to the Parent portal on AERIES (parent.lvusd.org) to update any change of information. In addition, please provide a copy of your new escrow, mortgage, lease or rental document showing your name with new address, along with water, and gas or electric utility bills. A new Enrollment and Residency Verification form will need to be filled out in the office.



    Classroom Visits

    Sometimes parents may want to schedule a classroom observation. Observations are scheduled through the office and are limited to a maximum of twenty minutes. It is very important that the office staff be aware of all visiting adults for the protection of all Yerba Buena students. If you wish to confer privately with your child’s teacher, please make an appointment for a mutually acceptable time outside of school hours. Parents may not “drop in” to classrooms for conferences without an appointment, before, during, or after school. All visitors must sign in and obtain a badge from the office while visiting our campus. This includes the yard and cafeteria areas.








    Classroom Volunteers

    Parents are encouraged to volunteer at school. Please make arrangements with your child’s teacher as to date and time. Parents who volunteer on a weekly basis need a Mantoux TB test. Please check with our front office for details. When arriving on campus to volunteer, please sign in at the office and take a visitor’s pass. Adults are not allowed on campus without a pass.









    Bicycles and Skateboards / Roller Blades / Scooters

    Riding a bike to school is a privilege. All students in grades 3 through 5 are given this privilege. The privilege may be withdrawn if a student persists in unsafe bike practices (for example, disregarding traffic signs and signals or deliberately disrupting traffic or not wearing a helmet) or in violating the safety rules. All students who ride bikes to school must wear safety helmets. For student safety, skateboards, roller blades and any motorized vehicles are not permitted on school grounds. Violators may be issued tickets.










    Yerba Buena’s policy is NOT to have birthday parties for individual students. We have a “no food” policy in regard to recognizing birthdays. A popular alternative to mark individual birthdays is a gift, in the child’s name, of a children’s book to the school library. Our librarian can suggest titles that are suitable for your child’s grade / reading level. We will wish students a happy birthday during our morning announcement each day and they will receive a birthday pencil from the Principal.   With a $25.00 donation to the PFA, you may have your child’s birthday message displayed on our electronic marquee. Please check in with the front office, once you’ve purchased the marquee message, to finalize message details.









    Dress Code

    Every Wednesday is Spirit wear day. Students should wear a YB Spirit shirt which can be purchased on the PFA website throughout the school year.

    Every Friday is College/University shirt day. We encourage families to bring awareness about all the wonderful colleges and universities at an early age. Students can wear shirts from any college or university to school on Friday’s.

    Below is a copy of the Yerba Buena dress code. Please remind your child of these rules. Many parents and educators feel that the type of clothing worn to school by the child has a definite bearing on the child’s attitude toward school and its purposes. The faculty and staff of Yerba Buena believe that parents will send their children to school properly dressed for the normal activities within the school day. The following items should not be worn to school.

    • Tight fitting or restrictive clothing
    • Oversized clothing, for example, where pants worn without a belt would fall down
    • Open-toed shoes, cleat sport shoes, heels or shoes with rollers
    • Clothing which is distracting/disruptive
    • Clothing which depicts alcohol, illegal drugs/paraphernalia and/or illicit or illegal behavior
    • Girls sleeveless tops must have at least a one (1) inch wide shoulder strap
    • Baseball caps may be worn to school and worn outside. However, caps/ hats may not be worn inside the school buildings. Students who wear inappropriate clothing to school may be sent home to change.


    Lost and Found

    Please clearly label your child’s clothing and possessions with your child’s full name. If your child loses an article of clothing, check in our Lost and Found or the school library. Items still in the Lost and Found after a reasonable length of time will be donated to a charitable organization.






    School telephones are needed to conduct school business and handle genuine emergencies. It is important that routine family communications such as pick-up times or transportation plans and other non-emergency information be handled at home. Students may use the office telephone in an emergency. Forgotten homework is not considered an emergency. We wish to encourage responsibility rather than reinforce forgetfulness.

    Students who bring their cell phones to school are not permitted to use them during the school day. Cell phones are to be turned off and kept away during school hours or they may be kept in the school office till end of each day.



    Lunches may be purchased daily or through advance sales or lunches may be brought from home. We encourage parents to deposit money in their children’s account. Milk and juice may also be purchased. Parents may drop off lunches in the school office, marked with student’s name. Please refer to the LVUSD website, lvusd.org for monthly menu and online payment options. Lunches that are brought from home should be completely waste-free. Please visit our PFA website for ideas on reusable containers.








    Reporting to Parents

    Elementary teachers in Las Virgenes report to parents three times each year. Parent conferences are scheduled during five “minimum days” (students dismissed at 12:10 p.m.) in November. Optional parent conferences are scheduled on an as-needed basis at the time of the March report cards (two minimum days are scheduled). Report cards are issued in November, March and June. Additional parent conferences with teachers, the principal, or other district specialists may be scheduled as necessary. Please send a note requesting a conference.


    Back-to-School Night

    In the fall all parents are invited to attend Back-to-School Night. The principal and teachers will discuss programs and student expectations for the year. This evening is for parents only. Dates and times will be published on the school website.








    Open House

    In the Spring, Yerba Buena students and families are invited to attend an informal Open House. Visitors are invited to classrooms and to special exhibits. Dates and times will be published on the school website.


    Acceleration and Retention

    Las Virgenes has specific guidelines for school and parent recommended student acceleration and retention. Please call the principal for the district policy.


    Student Behavior

    All Yerba Buena students are expected to behave appropriately and follow the 3 school rules: Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Be Resourceful. At the beginning of the year and throughout the school year, students will learn the basic school rules and have opportunities to practice making positive choices. Various means of correcting behavior may be used by teachers or the principal. These could include: counseling, conflict resolution, phone calls to parents, removal from school activities or privileges, or suspension from school. If a child has a serious behavior violation, as listed in the Education Code, he/she may be suspended from school for a period of 1-5 days. Parents will be notified if a child is suspended. We believe in positive behavior intervention at Yerba Buena and will only suspend as a last resort.


    Weapons at School

    Any student bringing a gun or facsimile of a gun to school will be expelled. In addition BB guns and pellet guns are outlawed on any campus. California State Law (S.B. 1198) states that if a student has a firearm, the principal must suspend the student immediately and extend the suspension pending expulsion. If the weapon is a knife, explosive or dangerous object then the principal will suspend, and shall recommend expulsion unless he/she explains in a written report why expulsion is inappropriate due to the particular circumstances of the case.













    Emergency Cards

    It is extremely important that all students are registered through the on-line e-registration program. The emergency card MUST be completed and submitted to the front office each school year. This is the only information our front office has about your child. This information contains your address, phone numbers and other pertinent information needed in case of a student emergency at school. This includes medical information. You should designate individuals in the community who can take charge of your child in the event that you cannot be reached. Please keep this information current. If any information changes, please change it through your e-registration account and in the front the office.



    Students are not permitted to possess or administer medication by themselves. All medication must be sent to the school health office with a written verification from the student’s parent and physician as to the name of the medication, the proper dosage and the means by which it is administered. All medication will be taken in the presence of a school official. Medication must be transported by adults. You can obtain more information on our website www.yerbabuenaelementary.org or call the health office.


    Illness or Injury at School

    If a child becomes ill at school, parents will be notified to take the child home. If parents cannot be reached, another adult designated on the student’s emergency information will be asked to pick up the child. Because a serious injury or illness require emergency medical attention, it is important that an emergency treatment consent form for your child is on file at hospitals, which serve the area. Hospitals will not treat your child without this form. Paramedics in this area may not take your child to a medical center.


    Casts / Crutches / Stitches

    If your child must come to school with any medical appliance such as a splint, cast and/or crutches or stitches it is important that you complete the appropriate LVUSD form which is available in the health office or on our website. Any student with a splint, cast, crutches or stitches may not play on the playground. At recess these children may sit outside the health office. They will be able to play when a doctor’s release is received.



    Accidents which occur at school are not the responsibility of the school. You may purchase student insurance.


    Earthquake, Fire or Natural Emergency

    Yerba Buena conducts monthly emergency drills. In addition, there are district wide drills each year. In the event of an actual earthquake or other natural emergency requiring students to remain on campus, students will be kept safe at school until a parent or other adult designated on the student’s disaster card signs the child out of school. Earthquake packs, water and other emergency supplies are stored on site. A donation of $8.50 for an earthquake kit is highly recommended for all students.















    Student Responsibilities

    • Copy the assignment
    • Take it home
    • Complete the work
    • Return it to school


    Teacher Responsibilities

    • Develop assignments that enrich, expand, or provide practice of skills.
    • Design homework assignments that cover skills that have been taught.
    • Collect, correct, and record work completed.
    • Contact parents regarding recurrent homework problems.
    • Notify parents of specific requirements for class assignments.


    Parent Responsibilities

    • Provide a quiet location and environment and proper “tools” for students to do school work.
    • Check the homework. Don’t do it for your child, but be available for questions or to give help.
    • Expect your child to do the work completely and correctly.
    • Sign the homework if it’s part of the class policy



    Minimum Homework Assignments

    Kindergarten Once a week (10 - 15 min.)

    1st Grade 2 – 4 times a week (15 – 30 min.)

    2nd Grade 3 – 4 times a week (20 – 30 min.)

    3rd Grade 3 – 4 times a week (20 – 45 min.)

    4th/ 5th Grade 4 times a week (30 – 60 min.)

    Math, Reading, Science, etc. Additional projects may be assigned during the year. These may include science projects, book reports, creative writing, and other special projects.