CAT, (Cougar Achievement Time), is a twenty minute period, four days a week during Period 3, designed to meet the academic needs of each individual student.  During enrollment periods students will enroll or be enrolled in a variety of academic or enrichment options.  Some students will be enrolled in an academic class by their teachers based on assessed needs; others will have the option to choose a CAT enrichment course. Students with a D or F in a class will be assigned academic CAT. Academic teacher assignments take priority over all other options. 

    We are getting ready to start our 3rd CAT session.


    Click HERE to sign up for a CAT class - NOTE, as of February 10th the window to sign up is closed.  Please see Mrs. Mohr in the counseling office.

    Note students will be given time during their CAT class to sign up on Friday, February 7th.  Students who are absent or unable to complete the google form during CAT will be given the opportunity to provide their choices.  Students should come to the Counseling office with any questions about CAT before or after school, or at lunch.  They may also email their Counselor - (A-L) Bobbie Johnson (bjohnson@lvusd.org) or (L-Z) Marianne Pall (mpall@lvusd.org)