• Visual Arts

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    TEACHER: Jeana Greulach

    Welcome to the wor ld of art at Lindero Canyon Middle School. Throughout the school year students have the opportunity to express themselves through their art, explore various media, learn about artists, find out why we do art and what art tells us about our past, analyze works of art in order to make judgments, and discover that art is everywhere. In addition, they realize that art is integrated into every subject they study in school and that we bring language arts, social science, math, and science into the art room. Students have the opportunity to participate in several different types of art experiences in the art classes at each grade level. Also check out our Special Events: Field Trips, Las Virgenes Educational Foundation/Bank of America Art Exhibits, and special projects such as the one coordinated with Dr. Greg Fried, Lindero Canyon's Choir and Strings teacher.
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    This class is devoted to the study of 2-D and 3-D art forms and is a year-long class. The students are exposed to painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, stained glass, computer art programs, crafts, and a variety of other artistic outlets. In addition, the seventh and eighth graders have the opportunity to do some independent work and spend more time on a particular medium. We also participate in two to three field trips during the school year that are integrated with the classroom projects. Each day our young artists love to create, have fun, and express themselves through their artwork.

    This class exposes the sixth grade artist to two and three-dimensional art forms in a short amount of time. Each year the students work with clay as a sculptural medium, become familiar with the technique of linoleum block printmaking by creating their own stamp, and do some additional multi-media projects. Fun and exploration are the key elements here as they are exposed to various art media.