• Special Education


    Seeing Things Differently...


    All students identified with special needs that have an active IEP receive vital encouragement and academic support through this department. Identified students are assigned to a special education teacher who acts as a case manager. The case manager tracks student progress, arranges for annual meetings and evaluations, and helps to implement each student's individual educational plan.  In addition, to the maximum extent reasonably possible, all special needs students receive instruction in the general education curriculum with modifications and accommodations as needed.


    James Hession - Co-Department Chair
    Rachel Holbrook - Co-Department Chair



    School Psychologists: Mahsa Nouri and Carla Galan

    Speech & Language Specialist: Helen Chambers and Tammy Fox

    Deaf and Hard of Hearing Specialist: Jamie Frost

    Vision Impaired Specialist: Donna Bragg

    Adaptive Physical Education Specialist

    • Amanda Dundes

    Occupational Therapist: Kimberly Thomson

    Physical Therapist:  Kelly Hume


    • Andrea Brown