• Physical Education

    In our Physical Education program, the emphasis is on skill development and new sport and game activities. Although a few traditional sports may overlap, each grade serves as a building block for the next in the Physical Education curriculum.

    Lisa Avery -Department Chair
    Jerrad Hare
    Dawn Hoffmaster
    Ryan Peoples
    Wendy Scott

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    Welcome to Lindero Canyon Physical Education. Our department is pleased to have your child be part of our exciting Physical Education program.

    This year in Physical Education, your child will be participating in exciting and perhaps different units. In other words, not just the traditional sports. The emphasis for 6th grade will be on “cooperative challenges”, 7th grade will focus on “individual challenges” and the 8th grade emphasis will be “working as a team to solve problems.” Students will be striving to reach their personal best in both group and individual activities. These units have been specially designed and we feel the program will motivate and challenge your child to be successful.

    Physical Education standards have been developed to encompass more than just “playing.” The curriculum incorporates responsibility, leadership, sportsmanship, and knowledge of game and terminology and skill development.

    LVUSD Physical Education Grading Guidelines
    1. Daily Classwork-60%
    • Warm-ups-daily routine
    • physical fitness
    • Instruction-drills
    • Daily assignment
    • self-responsibility, group dynamics, social interaction

    2.Progress and Achievement-40%
    • Written and skills test
    • Homework
    • Fitness Assessment-held to state standards
    • Portfolio/Notebook

    Citizenship Grade
    • 0-1 infractions per quarter= O
    • 2-3 infractions per quarter= S
    • 4-6 infractions per quarter= N
    • 7+ infractions per quarter= U

    1. Student will obey school and class rules.
    2. Student will respect public and personal property.
    3. Student will maintain courteous, cooperative relations with teachers and fellow students.
    4. Students will work without disturbing others.

    In order to help your child succeed, the Physical Education department guidelines have been included in your student’s Binder Reminder on pages 19-21, our P.E. Department website and individual teacher web pages (See Links Above). This is to be read by both parent and student. This will help everyone involved better understand what is expected of students enrolled in physical education class. For example: “Pantsing” is a silly game students play outside of school. But in school “Pantsing” is a serious offense that is classified as sexual harassment and will be pursued as such. So please review the reminder binder and help us reiterate the importance of appropriate school and class behavior. 

    Communication between parent and teachers is a valuable tool towards the success of a student. Please feel free to contact your child’s teacher at school if you have any questions or concerns. Email is the preferred method of contact and will ensure the quickest response. In the links at the bottom of this page, there is a PDF download for parent and student signatures.  ALL STUDENTS ARE TO RETURN THE SIGNED LAST PAGE.   Also, there is a medical information document. Please use this form to let your teacher know of any medical or physical limitations.
    The PE Department requires written medical note and not an email or telephone call.


    PE Area 6th Gr. 1st Sem. 6th Gr. 2nd Sem. 7th Gr. 1st Sem. 7th Gr. 2nd Sem. 8th Gr. 1st Sem. 8th Gr. 2nd Sem.
    Field Touch Football
    Soccer Lead-Up
    Softball Lead-Up
    Football 5v5
    Outdoor Games
    Football 9v9
    Gym Cooperative
    Wrestling Rockwall Tumbling
    Square Dance
    Tennis Courts Prisoner
    Lead-Up Volleyball
    Paddle Tennis
    Modified Volleyball Create a Game
    Team Handball
    B. Courts/Fitness Rm. Jump Rope Folk-Line Dance