• Physical Education Program

    Our emphasis is on skill development, new sport, and game activities. Although a few traditional sports may overlap, each grade serves as a building block for the next in the Physical Education curriculum.

    FACULTY - Please click on the PE teacher name to review yor child's PE teacher's specific website.
    Lisa Avery -Department Chair                      
    Jerrad Hare
    Dawn Hoffmaster                                       
    Dear Parent, Welcome to Lindero Canyon Physical Education. Our department is pleased to have your child be a  part of our exciting Physical Education program during the 2020-2021 school year.  This year in Physical Education, your child will be participating in a variety of online learning activities and instruction for the distance learning portion.  These units have been specifically designed and we fell the program will motivate and challenge your child to be successful. 


    Academic Grade

    -Daily Classwork

    *warm-ups - daily routine

    *physical fitness

    *instruction drills

    *daily assignments

    *self-responsibility, group dynamics, social interaction

    *written and skills test


    *fitness assessment - held to state standards



    Citizenship Grade - See page 11 of the 2020-20201 Reminder Binder

    0-1 infractions per quarter - O (Outstanding)

    2-3 infractions per quarter - S (Satisfactory)

    4-6 infractions per quarter - N (Needs Improvement)

    7 + infractions per quarter - U (Unsatisfactory)

    Infractions - See pages 11, 17-21 of the 2020-2021 Reminder Binder

    1 - Student will obey school and class rules.

    2 - Student will respect public and personal property.

    3 - Student will maintain courteous, copperative relations with teachers and fellow students.

    4 - Student will work without disturbing others.

    In order to help your child succeed the Physical Education department guidelines have been included in your student's Reminder Binder.  For the 2020-2021 school year see pages 17 - 21, our P.E. website, and individual teacher web pages.  This informationis needs to be read by both parent and student to help everyone involved better understand the expectations of students enrolled in a physical education class.  Communication between parent and teacher is a valuable tool towards the success of a student.  Please contact your child's teacher if you have any questions or concerns.  Email is the preferred and quickest method of contact.

     MAIN SCHOOL TELEPHONE - 818-889-2134

    Mrs. Avery - ext 32240 lavery@lvusd.org

    Mr. Hare - ext 32239 jhare@lvusd.org

    Mr. Peoples - ext 32239 rpeoples@lvusd.org

    Mrs. Scott - ext 32240 wscott@lvusd.org


    Per district and school policy, a tardy is defined as arrival to class within the first ten (10) minutes after the beginning of class, and an absence is defined as being 31 minutes or later to class. If a student has an excused absence, they should first check the course website/Google Classroom to find class information including what assignments they missed and when they are due. This should be done before emailing the teacher.  It is the responsibility of the student to turn in missed assignments and account for excused absences. Please refer to LVUSD Middle Schools Online Distance Learning Expectations for more information as well as the procedure for tardies/absences due to technological difficulties.


    • Arrive to your scheduled Zoom or class sessions on time, prepared and check in by completing the daily check-in form.  
    • Advocate and communicate when you have questions or need help. Please reach out to your P.E. teacher to let them know how they can help you. To reach out for help, use the daily check in form, a private comment on Google Classroom or send an email. 
    • Be kind and respectful of your classmates, your teachers, and yourself. Our time together is precious--let's make it worthwhile!
    • When you have to miss a class, be responsible for making up your missed work and/or getting missed information by going to Google Classroom, checking our weekly agenda, or email your P. E. teacher with questions as needed.
    • Take accountability of your learning. What you get out of this class will depend on what you put into it. Remember you earn your grades based on how well you learn the material and demonstrate your learning. You determine your grade! 

    During remote/virtual learning, failure to comply with expectations may result in the following actions: 

    A warning from the teacher--could be verbal (during Zoom for example) or via email or online chat/comments, contact with parents/guardians, temporary muting during Zoom/Google Meets and/or muting of comments on Google Classroom, referral to Principal Anhalt or Assistant Principal Janton. LVUSD Middle Schools Online Distance Learning ExpectationsSee also the cheating/plagiarism policy for the consequence of those infractions.

    *When we return to in-person learning, expectations/consequences will be updated. 

    GRADING POLICY – 2020-2021 - Grades are broken down into several categories and determined using a point system. Categories include class participation, classwork activities, as well as other assessments of learning such as projects, writing assignments and quizzes.  At the end of each grading period, the points are added and divided by the total number of points possible to give a percentage.

    A+ 100-97% A 96.9 - 93% A- 92.9 - 90% - Student has excelled!  Work quality is superior and has exceeded expectations.

    B+ 89.9 - 87% B 86.9 - 83% B- 82.9 - 80% - Work quality has met and at times surpassed expectations.

    C+ 79.9 - 77% C 76.9 - 73% C- 72.9 - 70% - Work quality has consistently met expectations.

    D+ 69.9 - 67% D 66.9 - 63% D- 62.9 - 60% - Work quality does not meet expectations.  Student is in danger of failing.  Work is incomplete, missing, or not meeting standards.

    F 59.9% or below - Student is failing and does not meet expectations.  Work is incomplete, missing, or not turned in.