• Kinder

    A Developmental Language and Play-Based Program
    Mariposa Kindergarten is a very special place. Our primary goal in Kindergarten is to provide a place where children ages 4-6 can develop a strong foundation for learning. For more than a century, we have known that the strongest foundations for academic learning are built through the work of the child when they are at play. Through play, children develop critical language and cognitive abilities that translate into creative thinking, social intelligence, self-structure, reading, writing, and problem solving skills. Ultimately, the foundation of our program rests on imaginative free-play, art, hands-on projects, and language-based activities.

    Embedded Transitional Kindergarten Program
    Mariposa Kindergarten has an embedded TK (transitional kindergarten). In other words, all three of our kindergarten rooms include children 4-7 years of age. Children with birthdays between 9/1/12-12/2/12 will automatically be enrolled in our two year program. Children with birthdays between 7/1/12- 9/1/12 may also apply for our TK two year program. However, we also look at children with birthdays from April-June (2012) as possible candidates to stay an extra year. When enrolling for the 2017-2018 School Year, your child's birthday must be on or before 12/2/12. (See Q&A section below for more information.)

    Structure of the Day:
    The kindergarten day begins at 8:45 and ends at 12:45. The flow of the day can be metaphorically described as breathing in and out of activities that are either contracted (circle time, group art, storytelling, etc.) then expanded (free-play, gardening, choice activities). This rhythm is predictable and structured.

    Components of the Kindergarten Curriculum:
    - Free Play
    - Circle Time
    - Painting/Drawing
    - Baking
    - Handwork/Crafts
    - Modeling
    - Storytelling
    - Movement Activities
    - Gardening
    - Introduction of Letters, Phonological Awareness and Numerical Concepts