• Calabasas High School's blocked bell schedule provides Student Support on Wednesday and Thursday morning for approximately 40 minutes and gives students four separate opportunities to meet with teachers for additional help, make-up tests and/or find out about .  The support times are as follows:

    Tuesday (ODD)

    Wednesday (EVEN)

    Friday (EVEN)

    Period 0  7:00 7:50
    Support A  7:50 8:10
    Support B  8:16 8:36
    Period 1 or 2 8:42 10:23
    Nutrition 10:23 10:36
    Period 3 or 4
    10:42 12:28
    Lunch 12:28 1:08
    Period 5 or 6
    1:14  2:55


    Students who have 2 or more D's or F's per grading period are on MANDATED SUPPORT and must be in the classrooms where they received the D or F during support until their grades improve. To ensure that students are attending support, they must download the Mandated Weekly Support Report Forms (SRF) or pick one up in the Attendance or Counseling Office to get signed by their teachers. The signed forms must be turned into the Library/Media Center each week by Friday. Non-compliance with the rules of Mandated Support will lead to progressive disciplinary actions which may include Saturday School, loss of school privileges and an administrative conference.  If you have any questions regarding Mandated Support, please contact Mrs. Exner at ext. 233 or email SExner@lvusd.org.