Faculty Directory:  A list of all CHS teachers, counselors and administrators with contact information such as websites, email and phone numbers.

    Department Chairperson Email
    ENGLISH Ian Godburn  Igodburn@lvusd.org
    MATHEMATICS Andrea Camacho acamacho@lvusd.org
    SCIENCE Deborah Bennett  bennett@lvusd.org
    SOCIAL SCIENCES Lance Novak  lnovak@lvusd.org
    WORLD LANGUAGES Caryl Benner  cbenner@lvusd.org
    PERFORMING ARTS Bill Garrett  bgarrett@lvusd.org
    FINE ARTS Dixie Bennett  dbennett@lvusd.org
    PHYSICAL EDUCATION Brian Collins  bcollins@lvusd.org
    SPECIAL EDUCATION Andy Falk  afalk@lvusd.org
    HEAD COUNSELOR Emily Ritchey  Eritchey@lvusd.org

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    Support and Tutoring
    Find out about the tutoring opportunities at CHS and learn more about the The National Honor Society (Peer Support).