• What do I do if my child is absent?
    All absences must be cleared within 72 hours or they become truancies. Please email CHSAttendance@lvusd.org to report an absence or you can send a note signed by the parent/guardian stating the date(s) of and reason for absence.  If you have any questions regarding your student's attendance, please call Michelle Amar at ext. 52231 or email her at CHSAttendance@lvusd.org
    What if I have to pick up my student early?
    Please plan ahead and send a note with your student to give to the Main Office in the morning. Otherwise you can email CHSAttendance@lvusd.org. The student can go to the Main Office to pick up their off campus pass during nutrition or lunch.  You DO NOT need to come in to sign your student out if you have sent them with a note or emailed as their pass will be ready and waiting for them to pick up. They can then meet you out front.
    We do understand that there are emergency situations where you may need to have your student pulled from class immediately, but please remember that this is very disruptive to the learning environment so sending them with a note is the preferred way.
    Can my child leave during lunch?
    CHS is a closed campus for Freshman and Sophomore students.  Junior and Senior students who have met the requirements for an OFF CAMPUS PRIVILEGE PASS may leave campus immediately at the start of lunch, but shall return in time to attend their next class.  The OFF CAMPUS PRIVILEGE PASS application must be signed by the parent or legal guardian or parent having legal custody by court order. The pass must be approved by administration. Reminder: Per Ed Code 44808.5: “Neither the school district nor any officer or employee thereof shall be liable for the conduct or safety of any pupil during such time as the pupil has left the school grounds.”
    What if my child is sick and needs to come home from school?
    A student who is ill MUST be checked out through the Health Office. For safety reasons, if your student texts or calls you directly from their cell phone to tell you they are not feeling well, please tell your student to tell their teacher and ask to go to the health office.

    How do I contact my student's teachers?
    Each teacher has a voicemail/email that is listed on his or her Webpage.  In addition, when you call the main number (818) 222-7177, you can follow the directions to dial-by-name the teacher and access his or her voicemail.  Many teachers regularly use their email addresses and prefer that for communication.  Please allow 48 hours for the teacher to respond to your call or email. If there is a delay in response, please contact the Counseling Office and they will assist you in reaching the teacher.
    How do I get my Aeries log-in and password?
    Parents of students new to LVUSD should receive the log-in at the beginning of the school year. Contact Rachel Kay in the Counseling Office, (818) 222-7177 ext. 52237.
    Where do I bring items my student forgot? 
    While we strongly suggest that students take responsibility for their school work, P.E. clothes, instruments, and lunches, there are occasions when something needs to be brought to the Administrative Office.  We can not accept lunches in the Administrative Office. Items cannot be delivered to students so please be sure your student knows you are leaving their belongings in the office.
    Where do I send medicine and medical notes?
    All medical notes and medicines, even over-the-counter drugs, must be brought to the Health Office with the proper paperwork signed by your physician.  There are some exceptions allowing a student to carry items, such as epi-pens, diabetic supplies and inhalers, but the proper paperwork must be submitted and carried with the item(s).  Notes regarding health matters that impact P.E. participation should be given to the student's P.E. teacher.
    When should parents call the counselor, the assistant principal, or the principal?
    First of all, concerns with teachers must first be addressed with the teacher. Please allow 48 hours for the teacher to respond.  You may contact them by phone or email.  All teacher information can be found in the "Faculty Directory."
    If you have a question regarding your student's overall academic progress, course selection or social concerns, please call the Counseling Office at ext.52239 and ask for the counselor assigned to your student.

    Counselors are available to see students during Support, Nutrition, and Lunch.  A student can also leave a note to see their counselor and they will call them in when they are available.
    If you have a concern regarding discipline or campus safety, please call your student's Assistant Principal:

    Sara Exner               Assistant Principal - Curriculum    A - G   x52239
    Courtney Johnson   Assistant Principal - Activities       H - O   x52233
    Martin Freel             Assistant Principal - Athletics        P - Z    x52230

    Safety is a top concern of Calabasas High School and we want to take every step to ensure a proper learning environment.

    What is there to do besides academics?
    ASB has approximately 100 different clubs.  Check out the list of clubs, and if students can't find one they like, they can create a club for just about anything. 

    Dances held during the year include Homecoming, Winter/Spring Formal and Prom. Theatrical performances including plays, musicals, Acapella Night, and Comedy Sportz. The music program includes Jazz Band, Marching Band, Wind Ensemble and Choir.

    Athletics include three seasons of sports and year-round Cheer.  You can see a full list of all sports under "Athletics" on the website. 

    The CHS Master calendar has additional information.