• The Agoura High School Health Office is staffed by a Health Clerk. Health Clerks are certified in First Aid and trained in CPR. They assist with first aid or illness situations occurring at school but are NOT licensed or trained in diagnosis. The health clerk is equipped to provide emergency first aid only. Please consult your doctor for suspected illness or injuries. 


    Health Clerk:  Teri Smolarski

    Phone:  818-889-1262 Ext. 51223

    Email:  tsmolarski@lvusd.org

    Fax:  818-889-1397


    For information about immunization requirements, please see the following links:

    Medication Policy

    STUDENTS CANNOT CARRY THEIR OWN MEDICATION.  Exceptions include Epi-pens, inhalers, & diabetic supplies, including snacks, which students must supply.  These items must be provided along with written forms completed by the prescribing physician HERE; the aforementioned forms are provided by the Health Office.  Students must supply 2 inhalers or 2 Epi-pens (1 to carry and 1 for the Health Office).

    • If ANY medication must be given during school time, the medication will not be accepted unless a Medication During School Form is completed by the prescribing physician (copies are available in the Health Office or above as a PDF). The medication must be in a properly labeled pharmacy container, SPECIFYING STUDENT'S DOSAGE & TIME TO BE ADMINISTERED AT SCHOOL FOR EACH MEDICATION.  Medicine in plastic bags, envelopes, or other containers WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.  This regulation applies to prescription as well as over-the-counter medications.

      Students will be permitted to come to the Health Office as necessary.  Medication may not be kept in lockers, classrooms, or carried about on the school campus.