• To AHS Parents and Students-

    Counselors went into all classrooms during 4th period today to give the instructions for selecting courses through Aeries for next year.  Below are the step by step instructions we gave to students.  Please note that course selection is not based on first come, first served basis.  Aeries course selection will be open and available for your student to edit through next Monday, 2/20/17, so please don't panic or stress about getting classes in first.  We do suggest that your student try to log on to see the process before the end of the week, so if they have any questions, we can answer them before Monday's deadline when we do not have school.  Counselors will also be available in the computer lab Tuesday and Wednesday this week during Support and Lunch.  

    1. Log in to your Aeries Student Portal

    2. To enter the Course Request section:

    1. Select “Student Info” in upper left drop down menu

    2. Click on “Course Requests Entry”

    1. To find a course:

      1. Click on “Sbj Area” pull down menu (right side) – (Show All Courses)

      2. Choose subject from list (i.e., English, Social Science, etc.)

      3. Click on Course to add to schedule

      4. Click “OK” to request course

    2. Continue this process until you have at least 6 courses (seniors may choose 5 if they have enough credits for graduation – check with your counselor before choosing only 5)

    3. To remove a course, click on the red “X” next to the course

    4. To schedule an “Alternate Course” (for non-academic electives only):

      1. Click on “Add Alternate Course”

      2. Choose an alternative course (you can only choose one per course)

    5. To view courses requested click on “View Course Request Details”