• Principal Logan's Monthly Student Focus



    Keep Learning
    June is a great month to reflect on our accomplishments as well as look forward to our next steps. What do we ask everyone to do on summer break? Keep learning! 
    ​Learning, remaining curious and setting goals is important for all ages. For children, it leads to positive cognitive and social development, while for adults it can lead to improvements in self-esteem, social interaction and a more active and involved life.
    Learning is more than just an activity for formal education. It can include any approaches to maintaining curiosity and an enquiring mind. How can we encourage curiosity with our children? 
    Engage in conversations with your child; encourage responses in complete sentences.
    • Reading in any language, as often as possible, strengthens literacy.
    • Apps/Games
    • Play games or use apps on your phone, device or tablet. Feel free to sing, chant, role play and be silly with tongue twisters.
    Go to a museum, an art gallery, a hike, the beach, star gazing or another fun outing. Each experience offers you a way to connect, learn new vocabulary, and experience the world together.