• Counseling Office

    (818) 889-2134, ext 232
    Hours: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday - Friday

    Bobbie Johnson, Counselor: Students A-K (bjohnson@lvusd.org)
    Robin Lurey, Counselor: Students L-Z (rlurey@lvusd.org)
    Carla Galan, School Psychologist (cgalan@lvusd.org)
    Julie Mohr, Registrar and Counseling Secretary (Jmohr@lvusd.org)

    The Lindero Canyon Counseling Office provides a confidential environment where students and their counselors can navigate through the many issues which may arise during the middle school years. Counselors provide support and academic guidance to help students succeed in school and in life. The Counseling Office oversees all student records, standardized testing, and scheduling issues, as well as meeting with students individually and in groups. Parents are welcome to contact the counselors with any questions and concerns regarding their child.

    Enrollment/New Student Registration for the 2017-2018 School Year:

    Please contact Julie Mohr in the Counseling office if you are interested in enrolling your student to schedule an appointment.

    Enrollment is intended for students who are not currently enrolled in a Las Virgenes Unified District school, students who have recently moved into this area, or from a private school who live in Lindero's resident area and wish to attend Lindero, students with an APPROVED Inter-district, Out-of-District and/or Employment-Related Permit.  Permit enrollments must bring a copy of the Permit email to enrollment. 

    Please click HERE for required documentation to bring to enrollment.
    Language Arts Honors Placement test*
    Social Science Honors Placement test*
    *Parents, if you want your student considered for honors placement, in either Language Arts and/or Social Science, the student MUST meet the honors criteria and take the appropriate placement test.  Honors courses are provided for highly advanced academic students who have consistently demonstrated skills above grade level.  The criteria, and more detailed information, can be found on the home web pages for the Language Arts Department and the Social Science Department.  Please provide copies of the last two years of State test scores and last two years of report cards at the time of testing.

    Registration of new students for the 2017-2018 school year (including students with approved permits)
    Students coming from a Las Virgenes Unified School District elementary school are automatically registered for 6th grade. However, a School of Choice Permit may be required depending on your home address (check with Julie Mohr in the Counseling Office). Students new to the district must register through the Counseling Office. Proof of residence within the district boundaries or an approved inter-district permit are required. Please click HERE for information on District School of Choice and Interdistrict Permit Applications.


    Change of Address
    It's important that the student's address and phone number are current at all times. For change of address, phone number, caregiver or any question of guardianship, please contact the Counseling Office at 818 889-2134 ext 232 or email Julie Mohr at Jmohr@lvusd.org as soon as possible. Please make sure there is always someone listed on the student's emergency card who may be contacted in case of accident or illness.  

    If your address has changed you will be required to submit updated documentation:

    -Property Tax, Escrow Papers or Lease Agreement

    -Two utility bills: Water, gas, or electric

    -Residency Verification Form (No P O Boxes accepted) - click HERE for form

    -If you rent and do not pay utilities because they are included in your rent, we will need a letter from the lessor and/or copy of the rental agreement stating the utilties are included.

    -In the case pf purchasing a home under construction, A New Communities K-12 Enrollment Address Verification form may be obtained at the sales office and will be accepted as temporary residency verification.

    -NOTE: In the event a utility service connection letter is used as proof of residency, a utility bill (both top and bottom in English) must be provided within 30 days to assure continued enrollment.  It is the parent(s)/guardian(s) responsibility to provide this data before the 30 days has elapsed.

    Homework Policy
    Most teachers post class homework on their website. Please check the teacher website for your student by going to the Departments tab on our website and then select the appropriate department and teacher name. For absences of two days or less, students should contact a classmate for the missed assignments. On the third consecutive day of absence, contact the Counseling office (Julie Mohr) to request homework at 818 889-2134 ext 232. Homework requests must be received by 8:30 am (in order to forward the request to the teacher before the start of school). Homework can then be picked up in the Attendance Office after 3:30 pm.