BEGINNING BAND - For students with no previous, or less than one academic year of experience with band instruments: woodwinds, percussion, and brass (ability to play piano not applicable). Open to all grade levels.

    COUGAR BAND - Cougar Band is for intermediate levels of playing ability. If you have not take Beginning Band acceptance into Cougar Band is based on the recommendation of the director. Participation in several scheduled evening performances is a requirement.

    CONCERT BAND - Concert Band is for the advanced middle school musician. The band will give the students an opportunity to perform music above the level of the Cougar Band. Acceptance into Concert Band is based on recommendation of the director. Participation in several scheduled evening performances is a course requirement.

    BEGINNING STRINGS - This class is for students with little or no previous experience with stringed instruments. Open to all grade levels. Participation in several scheduled evening performances is a course requirement.

    COUGAR STRINGS - Cougar Strings is for intermediate levels of playing ability. Acceptance into Cougar Strings is based on recommendation of the director. Participation in several scheduled evening performances is a course requirement.

    CONCERT ORCHESTRA - Concert Orchestra is for the advanced middle school musician. Acceptance is based on recommendation of the director. Participation in several scheduled evening performances is a course requirement.

    CONCERT CHOIR - Concert Choir is open to all grade levels. Students will learn beginning and intermediate vocal techniques, correct breathing, tone production, and how to read music. Concert Choir is a performing group that will sing all types of music; such as pop, rock, Disney, and light classics. Participation in several scheduled evening performances is a course requirement.

    EARLY COLLEGE ACADEMY (ECA) - The Middle School Early College Academy class allows students to prepare for college-level coursework and the option to take a select number of college-level classes. Students who are accepted into the program grow together as a cohort and experience multiple college visits and cultural experiences.

    FINE ART - This whole-year course provides students with a deeper understanding of art. A wide variety of materials and techniques are explored, including watercolor, acrylic, charcoal, ink, mixed-media and ceramics. This course will highlight and connect to student’s interests and backgrounds while including a wide range of artists and art movements.

    LEADERSHIP/WEB - Open to 7th and 8th grade students who want to support and implement school spirit! Leadership students work with 6th grade students to help create a welcoming and inclusive environment throughout the year as well as plan and implement school activities for the entire school. Students design banners and posters to give school spirit for events. Leadership also helps teachers decorate classrooms, as well as plan and assist with school activities throughout the year. This elective is meant for those who want to be involved in school activities and events. Students should be able to work independently or cooperatively in a group, and have an interest in art and supporting the school community.

    OFFICE/TEACHER AIDE - This is a class for students who want to help teachers or office staff. Student's assignments include office, teacher or library aide. Students need to be capable of working independently. Cooperation, confidentiality, and responsibility are important characteristics for students to enroll in this class. Student must have satisfactory citizenship and work habits. 8th graders will be given preference for this position.

    SPANISH (7th and 8th grade) - This is an academic first year world language course. Students begin to develop the skills of understanding, speaking, reading, and writing. Students are also introduced to the culture and customs of the countries where Spanish is spoken. Students begin to develop proficiency in grammar and vocabulary through a variety of interactive activities. Prerequisite: students must have achieved a minimum of a C in all 6th or 7th grade academic classes. Note: Two years of middle school world language is equivalent to one year of high school world language. The same textbook is used at both the middle school and the high school.

    STEAM A & B - Students will work together to build robots and animatronics. In addition, students will learn programming and 3-D modeling skills in preparation for a future in engineering and/or 3-D design. As part of this course, students will develop problem solving and collaboration skills. All STEAM students will also participate in a Full STEAM Ahead project that allows them to pursue their personal interests through a year long public service of entrepreneurial project. This is the perfect class for anyone who loves technology, computers, solving problems, and making objects come alive! Note: this is a year long course with no prerequisite. A and B cover different content each year but can be taken in any order. Students who pass two years of Robotics qualify to begin Robotics 2 in high school.

    YEARBOOK (El Gato) - Using a unique and specialized online computer program, students will design the Lindero Canyon Middle School yearbook. They will also take photographs, write the copy, and create original artwork. Students with an interest or ability in computer skills, creative writing, journalism, photography, art, or layout design are encouraged to select this elective. This is a great way to become involved in all the school activities and events. And is a good foundation for working on the yearbook in high school. Students should have good organization skills, be reliable, able to work in groups, take direction, and have the ability to work independently. Prerequisites for this course include a 3.0 grade point average, and no N's or U's in citizenship.

    21st CENTURY LEADERSHIP - This course is designed to introduce students to the skills, values and experience that will help them succeed in the digital world. They will learn to maintain technology, create digital content and provide training. Student driven curriculum will develop critical thinking skills, communication, business organization, leadership and technical skills.

    ***ZERO PERIOD PE CLASS - A zero period PE class is offered so that students have the opportunity to add a second elective. The zero period class is added to the student's schedule, which means the student would have a full eight period schedule starting at 7:42 am and continuing until the end of the school day.
    Note: there are a limited number of spots available in this class.