• Self-Directed Learner:

    • Knows own strengths and needs, utilizes talents, and sets high standards that provide intellectual challenges.
    • Uses a wide variety of thinking processes with accuracy to resolve complex issues
    • Effectively accesses, evaluates, and integrates information from variety of resources.
    • Reflects on experiences and uses the knowledge gained to plan for the future.

    Effective Communicator:

    • Uses oral, written, mathematical, and artistic forms of communicating to acquire and express information, ideas and emotions.
    • Facilitates consensus through thoughtful problem solving. .
    • Exhibits caring and concern for others.

    Responsible Citizen:

    • Promotes mutual respect and acceptance among people of different backgrounds, cultures, and abilities
    • Exhibits honesty in all endeavors
    • Contributes time and talents to the welfare of the local community, nation, and the world as a law-abiding citizen
    • Participates in the political process.

    Healthy Person:

    • Values and maintains a healthy mind and body through good nutrition, regular exercise and a drug-free lifestyle
    • Cultivates positive interpersonal relationships. .Balances work, play and family
    • Accepts responsibility for own behavior

    Productive Worker:

    • Initiates projects, plans effectively, and monitors results
    • Uses resources, time and technology effectively.
    • Cooperates and collaborates with others.