• Lunch Information

    Lunches may be purchased from our cafeteria for $4.00.  Monthly menus may be found by accessing the Lunch Menu section under "Inside Lupin Hill" on the home page. 

    Children may bring $4.00 cash for their lunch each day, or parents may also deposit payments into their student's lunch account by sending cash (or check made payable to LVUSD for a minimum of $25) to the school office.  Parents may pay for school lunches using a credit card by signing on to www.paypams.com.  Please note that there is a nominal fee to pay by credit card, and it takes 2 days for the credit card payment to appear on the student's account at school.  Paypams can also provide daily lunch account balances and e-mail notification of lunch account balances.

    District lunch menus (including nutritional content) and information regarding lunch purchase options is available at this website. Applications for free and reduced lunches are also available here.

    Click here for more lunch information and monthly menus

    What happens if I forget my lunch or run out of money on my lunch account?

    The cafeteria will offer cheese, crackers, fruit and juice to those students without any lunch, but cannot lend lunch money to students.

    Forgotten lunches must be delivered to the office by 10:00am to be put in the teacher's box for pick up.  The delivery of fast food for lunches is discouraged and glass containers are not allowed. 

    Is there a policy about nuts?
    Due to many students with allergies to nuts, our the menu from our cafeteria is  "nut safe".  Additionally, we provide a "nut safe" table in the lunch area. We will also insist that all food stay in the lunch areas and not be taken on the yard.  Please let the Office know if your child has any type of food allergy.

    Pack In / Pack Out
    Those who bring a lunch from home are encouraged to use re-useable containers.  We want to leave as little trash as possible ... anywhere.