Below please find information about our school's playground rules. If you have any questions, please contact the office.

     Yard Equipment Rules, revised 9/11/14

    General School Rules

    Be kind
    You can’t say you can’t play

    Invite others to join in
    Play safely
    Use only school-supplied equipment
    Follow the game rules
    Use problem-solving strategies
    Telling not tattling
    Speak out against bullying – Bullies are cruel and bystanders rule!
    When the bell rings, drop/take a knee. Follow directions from the Campus Supervisors & walk to line-up when directed to.

    Climbing Structures

    Hands and feet in contact with bars at all times
    One person at a time
    Line up at one end of bars
    Cross in one direction only
    No chasing or tag in and out of bars
    No standing on top of handrail bars
    Do not sit or stand on top of handrail bars
    No pulling, pushing or grabbing a person hanging or moving on the bars
    No jumping off


    One at a time
    Sit on bottom only, no sweaters or coats to slide on
    Feet first Line at bottom of ladder
    Do not climb up slide
    No jumping from slide
    No objects pushed down or thrown from slide
    No throwing sand, mulch or dirt down slide

    Handball Courts

    Hit ball with hands
    The ball must bounce on the ground once before hitting the backboard, then bounce back to be a fair hit
    Balls hit below the red line are out
    No dodge ball
    Do not hit/throw ball at student
    No kicking ball
    Fair access for all
    No "special hit" rules
    First person in line is the referee and his/her calls are final
    After the second win, the winner goes to the end of the line


    Never grab the rope
    You may grab ball to stop it
    Stay on your side
    Winner chooses sides and serves
    Winners may play up to two games, then goes to the end of the line
    No additional rules, school rules only
    No hanging, swinging, or sitting on the ball
    First person in line is the referee and his/her calls are final. He/She decides if a foul has been committed.
    When a foul occurs, the penalty is a free hit for the opponent.
    The following are fouls: when a player steps across the line into the other area; when a player touches the rope, pole, throws the ball, hits the ball with any other part of the body than the hands and double hits

    Soccer, Kickball and Running

    No running or chasing on the blacktop
    Running is allowed out on the grass field away from populated areas
    Tackling, grabbing or pushing is forbidden
    Use kicking balls only on the field away from populated areas
    Handballs are for bouncing only
    No climbing on the backstops

    Jump ropes

    For jumping only
    Use rope in jump rope areas only
    For helicopter, rope must be on ground
    Take turns turning the rope
    No swinging ropes at people, trees, and other objects
    No tug of war
    No tieing ropes together
    No horseplay

    Problem Solving Strategies

    3 Ways to Solve Problems:
    1. Walk-walk away from problem and choose a different game
    2. Talk-talk about problem or disagreement -must leave game to do this
    3. Use Rock, Paper, Scissors Game-good for disagreements about who is safe/out-do one time, not best out of three


    The hills and slopes are "off limits"
    Please remind children to play away from retaining walls, classrooms and all storage bins
    Students must always be visible to adults on duty
    Rock throwing is never allowed
    Students may not pick at the rubber matting
    Students are to use only equipment provided by the school.
    Toys/equipment brought from home will be kept by the classroom teacher until the close of the school day and returned to the student.